Crystal Bath Salt Sampler - Travel Size

Can't decide with salt is your fav? Indulge in all three of our luxury signature salts and collect their keepsake crystals. Cleopatra's Love, Cosmic Bloom & Aura Cleanser in travel size jars.

Directions Sprinkle intuitive amount into the bathwater, dissolve for a minute or two before enjoying the aromatic experience. 

Cleopatra's Love Rose Quartz  Spark self-love intentions and unconditional love.

Aura Cleanser Calcite Crystal Root and Sacral charka, setting boundaries, calling in energy and releasing what no longer serves.

Cosmic Bloom Amethyst Crown chakra stone to call in the violet flame and soothe the mind.

Truly Natural. Vegan. Cruelty-Free.  Chasin' Unicorns products contain no synthetic ingredients including no dyes, no fragrances, parabens, and no preservatives. We use the minimum amount of ingredients necessary to achieve the maximum results.

3 pack | 8 oz

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