Getting Over My Aversion to Wedge Sneakers

You guys, when this whole wedge sneaker phenomenon came about years ago, I thought, ugh that has to be the dumbest idea ever.  I mean wedge sneakers?  There is no function to them???? Don’t get me wrong, some of them still look absolutely ridiculous to me, but I have found peace with certain styles of them.  And turns out… they DO have a function… they just aren’t functional (at least in a fitness sense).

It wasn’t until I was trying out the JustFab trial through Swagbucks, because I love earning my Swagbucks (you should totally try it out, I’ll explain later), that I found a pair I thought I MIGHT be able to handle.  And since it was one of those 2 pairs for $40 options, I figured I didn’t have much to lose if I gave it a shot.  So I gave in and they quickly became a favorite.  Luckily the whole ‘athleisure’ is a look thing these days, so the sporty look is perfect with leggings and dresses.

So I’m now on my 4th pair in less than a year!  This is my newest one from JustFab, and I’m loving it even more.  Turns out the function is that it is a casual pair of shoes, but the hidden wedge gives you a little more length to your legs.  Who doesn’t love that?

You just won’t find me in any ridiculous looks… I go for the ones that just look like high tops, aka you can’t SEE the wedge, at least not in an obvious sense : )

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