Treated and Modified Crystals

We get asked about ‘titanium’ and ‘aura’ crystals quite a bit.  Aura crystals, and certain other kinds (which I will mention below) are natural crystals that have been treated in one way or another. A ‘Rainbow Aura’ which you see above is an Amethyst that is heat treated with a metal, usually platinum or titanium (thus the name). There are tons of names for these babies, some people even trademark crystal names, weird right?  Many of our aura geodes (Silver, Black, Opal, Aqua, etc.) are actually treated on a morocco quartz geode base.

Anyway, you can also dye a crystal with natural mineral colorants (at least hopefully they are natural colorants, usually like the mica colors you find in natural glitters and dyes), like the bright colored ones you often see in pink, orange, green, etc. Those, like the peach one below are usually colored AND treated with a metal over quartz.  This way it will have a bright color and the color-changing of an aura crystal.

There is a ton of information on these babies, but the main point is that though they may be colored, these crystals will retain (although somewhat diminished) the power or energy of the original crystal, typically some quartz variation.  Usually it is clear quartz, but can also be smoky, yellow, rose, or amethyst (yes, amethyst is a form of quartz).  Of course every color and geometric (sacred geometry) shape has it’s own meaning too, so you will want to take those into consideration with what your wants and needs are when searching for the right crystal.

Where it gets particularly weird is when they use one crystal to create a different kind entirely, which is the case of most of the ‘citrine’ you see now in the world. Bight yellow/orange citrine is actually an amethyst.  We did an entire blog post on real versus fake citrine if you have a moment.  But long story short, this crystal would have the energy of an amethyst still and not the citrine… which is the whole point right, that you wanted a citrine. HAHA.  Fun times.

Lemon and Cherry Quartz are also heat treated quartz for example. At least they are still quartz.  They just usually have a more vibrant or color change to them.  Sometimes they will treat a smoky quartz, just so it comes in a very dark coloring.  But again, still retains the original crystal energy.

All very interesting stuff, and don’t even get me started on lab made crystals…. and yes, they very much do exist!  Below is an example of one of the most common types of lab crystals we are seeing today.  It’s cool to look at for sure, but I’m not entirely sure what it is supposed to be.  But definitely double check who you are buying crystals from, because they are starting to ‘grow’ many types of crystals in labs.  Bismuth is a lab made crystal, but it is actually very popular in its own right.

Anyway, it all comes down to personal preference and what you are in search of!

More to come on crystal learning : )  Let me know if you have any questions you want me to cover!

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