I love this idea of creating a daily affirmation journal to improve your attitude, mood and views on yourself and your life.  Louis hay is one of my favorite authors and her book “Heal Your Life” was one that jump started my spiritual path. Your thoughts truly do create your reality.

When we take the time and effort to focus on even one small positive “I am” statement each day, it can have a beautiful rippling effect. Soon you will be turning to your journal or planner for comfort and reminders  that you are enough, beautiful, smart, grateful, wise, an amazing mom, wife, business owner…

“My life fulfills me in all ways.”

“Each moment brings me greater joy.”

“I am open to receiving all good; this allows me to give to others more freely.”

“My career is deeply fulfilling and rewarding.”

“Every day is a new opportunity to experience love.”

90x140mm – 40 sheets.

Perfect for your handbag or purse. I like to write in my journal when I am waiting for appointments or have any down time and sometimes while I am out to eat waiting for my food.


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