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100% natural Coconut Oil mixed with organic Peppermint & Cinnamon essential oil, to improve your oral health.  6oz. glass jar.

Oil pulling is an age-old remedy that uses natural substances to clean and detoxify teeth and gums. It has the added effect of whitening teeth naturally and evidence even shows that it is beneficial in improving gums and removing harmful bacteria

The oil binds to the biofilm, or plaque, on the teeth and reduces the number of bacteria in the mouth. Some sources claim that coconut oil pulling can help everything from hangovers, acne to sore throats and even heart disease. Also extremely beneficial for curing bad breath* (Wellness Mama).


1.  Put 1-2 teaspoons of  coconut oil into the mouth.

2.  Swish for 10 – 20 minutes.

3.  Spit oil into the trash can. Especially if you have a septic system…don’t spit into the sink! Do not swallow the oil as it is full of bacteria that are now not in the mouth!

4.  Rinse well with warm water & brush well.

This is not meant to replace brushing, so don’t skip it! : )

Coconut Oil
100% Natural Peppermint Oil
100% Natural Cinnamon Oil
Crystal Charged
1. Improve Immunity
Oil pulling has traditionally been touted as a majorly effective detoxifying technique and immune booster.Oil pulling is such an effective immune booster that it made David Wolfe’s list of top 10 tips for next level health!

2. Boost Energy Levels
When we’re feeling sluggish it can sometimes be down to an overworked immune system. Regular oil pullers say you should have some added pep in your step in just two weeks!

3. Get Smooth & Glowing Skin
Skin conditions like acne, rosacea, dermatitis and psoriasis can be linked to the health of your gut. This link, known as the gut-skin axis, is something that scientists have been aware of for over 100 years!

4. Cure Bad Breath
One of the most science-backed health benefits of oil pulling is its ability to improve oral hygiene, including bad breath, or halitosis – which is often caused by bacteria.

After two weeks of oil pulling, researchers found a definite reduction in the signs of halitosis – as evaluated through tongue scrapings and assessment of breath odor.

5. Reduce Tooth Decay
A study that reviewed holistic approaches to oral health discovered that oil pulling is one of the most effective natural solutions for preventing tooth decay and loss.

6. Prevent Gingivitis
After 10 days of oil pulling, participants in the study experienced a reduction in levels of both plaque and gingivitis, as well as lower levels of microorganisms in the mouth.

7. Say Goodbye to Sensitivity
Hard core oil pulling fans claim that a reduction in sensitivity is a welcome side effect of swishing every morning.Sensitive teeth can also be linked with mouthwash use – something which you can ditch once you begin oil pulling.

8. Whiten Teeth
One of the most popular reasons why people enjoy oil pulling.

9. A Safer Alternative to Mouthwash Once you start oil pulling, you can say goodbye to store-bought mouthwashes.

10. Help Your Heart
A growing body of research shows that bacteria and inflammation in the mouth are linked to problems like heart attack and dementia.

** www.naturallivingideas.com
I release all bacteria and negative habits and energy that no longer serve my highest good and light. I am open to all new ideas and education to be the best and healthiest version of myself that I can be.


1 review for Filthy Mouth – Oil Pulling

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Laura (verified owner)

    I was hesitant to buy this at first because swishing a liquid for 10 to 20 minutes seems like a long time but once you try it….it’s not long at all!
    I use this while blow drying my hair, each morning, I am very impressed. It totally works! Better than any mouth wash i have used.

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