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Fluorite promotes spiritual and psychic wholeness and development, protection, and brings peace.  It helps one meditate and learn to go past the “chatter” that our minds tend to generate when first learning to meditate. Deeper meditation past the “chatter” can give access to cosmic truth, attune to spirit guides.

2 inches tall


    • ♡Fluorite is a great stone to calm and relieve anxiety, tension, and stress by detoxifying the emotional body. It can help get rid of mental blocks and similar mental issues.  


    • ♡Reduces fear of the future as well as ease anger and depression.


    • ♡Can remove confusion and mental “fog” to create order and harmony in life.  This energy can be used to manifest one’s life purpose. 


  • ♡Multicolor or rainbow fluorite brings a combination of energies to enhance flexibility, free thinking, and emotional brightness.
Physically fluorite is used in crystal healing for blood pressure, detoxification, cholesterol, bones, teeth, dizziness, vertigo, balance of brain hemisphere, cough, neck cancer, pain, joints, respiration, food intolerance, mobility issues, anti-viral, pineal gland problems, posture, nerves, inflammatoriy diseases, strengthen body, colds, flu, insomnia, protection from contagions, and ideal health.
My mind and heart are awake, alert, clear and active, working in unison to make the optimal choices for my life purpose.


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