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A fun, full body antioxidant rejuvenator to detoxify, energize, protect, invigorate and stimulate peace and promote skin health. Lemongrass and Jasmine scents will improve mood and stress. A month’s supply of detox baths. 15oz bag. 


Warning: Bath color will look like green tea.

Key Ingredients: 

Organic Matcha Green Tea – Full of antioxidants and makes an incredible rejuvenating bath soak. Be warned, however, that this bath can give you a jolt of energy, so it’s best for mornings or afternoons. Powerful anti-aging benefits, evening mind body renewal treatment.

Lemongrass Oil -Clean, refreshed, relaxed and renewed. Can boost confidence, mental health and help to keep depression at bay.

Jasmine Essential Oil – Improves mood,  stress and balancing hormones. An ancient natural remedy for depression, anxiety, emotional stress, low libido and insomnia.

Organic Matcha Green Tea
Lemongrass & Jasmin Essential Oil
Organic Pink Himalayan Salt 100% Natural Magnesium Epsom Salt
Coconut Oil
Rose Water
Almond Milk
100% Natural Citric Acid
Natural Sodium Bicarbonate
Polysorbate 80
Healing & Protective Energies
Rough Cut Crystal Center
Each bag of bath crumbles comes with a new and random Crystal center. You will not get to choose the crystal that is selected in your personal bomb, however the right crystal that is meant for you, will choose you!
I see each day with new and fresh opportunities. I am revitalized and connected to all.


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2 reviews for Green Goddess Crumbles

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ella P

    OMG, matcha is the BEST!! I was obsessed with Iced Green Tea Lattes long ago which use matcha… and then I heard Dr. Oz talking about how good it is to bath in matcha. So of course I had to try this from my friends at Chasin’ Unicorns when they started selling a matcha product! SOOOOO good!!!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Emily (verified owner)

    This bath crumble is the BEST!! I was spo excited when I recieved this, it smells amazing and I love the crystals inside (can’t take a bath without crystals) makes your bath vibrations way better, relaxing and calming 100% recommend this!

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