OMG YOU GUYS! These are so new to the market, the husband and wife team behind this amazing creation only sells on their website and select conscious stores. These are being sold EXCLUSIVELY with us and we are so excited to offer these to you. 


THESE ARE A GAME CHANGER. Palo santo matches. Take with you, light anywhere, anytime, and the smoke that comes off of them smells so wonderfully beautiful and last so long. What is Palo Santo?

Also known as Holy Wood, Palo Santo comes from a tree found in Central and South America. This wood is often used as a smudge stick in ceremonies and is an ancient friend to medicine men and women. Palo Santo is burned to cleanse and purify a space and to fill it with good energy. When Palo Santo is being burned, it is said that no negative spirits can exist in the space. It also repels mosquitos and other insects. Gorgeous, strong notes of frankincense and citrus fill the room as soon as the flame hits the wood.

The sacred properties of Palo Santo are created through an alchemical process which begins as soon as the tree or branch dies only by natural causes. The tree or branch has to lay on the ground where it fell for 4 to 10 years otherwise its medicinal, aromatic and healing properties aren’t developed.

How to Smudge Your Space 

Burn Palo Santo wood very similar to a sage wand by tilting the stick at a 45 degree angle and lighting the end. Keep lit for 30 seconds or so, then blow it out to produce the cleansing smoke. Use the smoke to cleanse areas you feel have stagnant or negative energy, and be sure to snuff the end of the Palo Santo stick thoroughly when done.


  • You may reuse your Palo Santo for many times to come
  • Make sure your stick is completely extinguished before you leave the room. We suggest dipping the burnt end of the stick in water to ensure the embers are no longer burning.
  • You can use an Abalone Shell or flame proof bowl to rest your Palo Santo Mystic Match while burning/smudging


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