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Obsidian is a very protective stone,  and is excellent for removing negativity. It is also excellent protection against psychic attacks. In particular obsidian protects the gentle from abuse, and is used to cut attachment cords to release one. It is a very grounding stone, and  very healing. Obsidian is also an excellent manifestation stone.

Black obsidian is a powerful and creative stone. It grounds the soul and spiritual forces into the physical plane, bringing them under the direction of the conscious will and making it possible to manifest spiritual energies on earth. Self control is increased by using this stone. Forces you to face up to your true self, taking you into your subconscious mind in the process. It brings imbalances to the surface so that they can be released.

1.5 – 2.5 inches

It magnifies all negative energies so that they can be fully examined and then released. This healing effect goes back into past lives and it can also work on the ancestral and family line. Black obsidian removes the past and helps give energy for growth of the soul. It reverses previous misuse of power and addresses power issues on all levels, teaching you that to be empowered is not to wield personal power but to channel power for the good of all.

Physically it is said to benefit the stomach, intestines, muscle tissue, and can rid one of bacterial or viral infections.  It sharpens and focuses internal and external vision, and helps get in touch with buried issues before they explode.   Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.  Obsidian is related primarily to the root chakra, though differing colors may relate to different chakras as well.
I set my boundaries and I have zero limitations. I reflect on myself with great truth and power to remove any blockages that may be in my way to greatness.


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