Okay you guys, we are stoked to add these to the store. They have a 24 hour burn time, but should be burned 4 hours at a time. These are made environmentally friendly with palm crystallized wax, which is more environmentally sustainable than soy wax. Palm oil itself is a steam distilled pure essential oil. Most palm plantations use conventional agricultural methods. However, there is a growing interest in organic farming, and these are organic palm wax from Colombia and Brazil.


Blue is great for meditation on the Vishuddha: the throat chakra is the color of ice blue cough drops. It is the Communication Chakra located just below the Adam’s apple in the throat, and right around the thyroid gland which regulates our growth hormones. Associated with clarity and growth, this chakra governs our ability to express ourselves. We can strengthen this area by using sound. Our inner voice and our “abstract intuition” (instant problem solving without formal logic) are derived from this area. If this chakra is over stimulated, we may suffer sore throats, feel we have ‘something stuck in our craw’ or have a tendency to ‘run at the mouth’. If it is under stimulated we may not be able to express ourselves with ease, and we may have a tendency to speak too softly, or strain our voice when trying to get a point across.


These candle is a great addition to any alter or those who like candles that last long!


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