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Can’t decide which unique scent and flavor is meant for you? Try them all with this bundle pack. Get a half size of each of our signature healing detox baths crumbles. Our original crumble packs come in 15 oz of juicy goodness, while these come in 6oz, perfect for a multiple baths, trial and travel. 


♡ Unicorn Tranquilizer 

Lavender meditation to relax, detoxify, cleanse & connect to your highest self.

♡ Stone Cold Killer 

Fight off and prevent viruses, while purifying, relieving and recharging.

♡ Synergy Bomb

Aura energizer to release negative emotions & detoxify.

Tainted love

A love bath with sexy seductive oils & energies, to increase overall joy, warmth and unconditional love.

♡ The Black Pearl

A full body detox absorber to help remove impurities, relieve fatigue, and recharge you!


Truly Natural: Each ingredient is chosen for a therapeutic reason and all products are hand made in small batches in California. Each mini bag comes with a .5-1 inch rough cut crystal center & are made with Sage, Essential Oils, Rose Water, Pink Himalayan Salt + Love & Light!


How to use: Fill bathtub with warm water, drop in the bath bomb and lie back to enjoy moisturizing and natural aromatherapy fragrance.


Sage (Aura Smudge)
Pink Himalayan Salt
100% Natural Magnesium Epsom Salt
Coconut Oil
Rose Water
Essential Oils
Natural Sodium bicarbonate
100% Natural Citric Acid
Biodegradable Vegan Glitter
Healing & Protective Energies
Rough Cut Crystal Center
A simple soak is beneficial to heart and circulatory health, can lower blood pressure, helps ease muscle pain and eliminates harmful substances from the body. It also improves nerve function by encouraging proper regulation of electrolytes.
Magnesium/Salt Baths are Great for the Following

Stress relief
Muscle aches
Increasing insulin sensitivity
Improving circulation
Better nutrient absorption
Headache relief
Speeding up wound healing
During illness, especially respiratory illness
For children to help mineral absorption and improve sleep
For acne, eczema or other skin problems
For joint pain relief
To help relieve poison ivy or skin reactions
Improving skin hydration
Moisturize skin
I feel glorious dynamic energy, I am active and alive. I take in and give out nourishment in perfect balance. All is well in my world.


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