SoulfulAlchemmy – Custom Reiki Charged Shower Scrubs

When the divine and beautiful, Emily reached out to us, we were so excited. We were so grateful and appreciative when we got her cute sparkly package in the mail. Emily from SoulfulAlchemmy creates Reiki charged coffee and sugar body scrubs made with crystals and essential oils. She connects and meditates onto your higher self, for the intended user, to create the perfect scrub with ingredients to heal you in the ways you need it most. For example, Johanna’s Sugar Scrub was charged with crystals: fluorite, amethyst, carnelian, rose and smokey quartz. Mixed with essential oils: grapefruit, cedarwood and rose.  All for the intended purpose to heal, balance and help with stress relief so that Jo may “show her light brighter and continue to pursue a healthy lifestyle.”

These scrubs smell so yummy and a little really does go a long way. These scrubs are body scrubs, however, you may use them any way you feel guided.  If you use them on your face like we did, be sure to keep it a gentle scrub!  After cleansing in the bath or shower, scrub and exfoliate as needed, and focus/consciously meditate on the intentions you set for your scrub.

“I’ve always been a firm believer that we not only do our best thinking in the tub/shower, but we do our best healing around water. As we’re all becoming more awakened, it’s so important now more than ever to keep our energies clear and be mindful of what we want to create more of in our lives. I’ve created 6 blends utilizing the powerful properties of gemstones and essential oils to accompany you during your bath time rituals to invoke various energies you may be seeking, all made with loving intention and reiki charged afterward!” – Emmy

Thank you so much Emily! As you can see, we love love love our personalized scrubs!

As you can tell we turned our scrub trial into a bit of a girls night with a tough of beer and TV!

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