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Our bodies absorb the vibrational frequencies of our environments, our thoughts and the people we are surrounded by. Water has been proven to change structure based on positive or negative thoughts. We can cleanse our energy & heal our bodies through positive affirmation. As an empath, it is especially easy to absorb the negativity, trauma, and pain of those around us. Our energies exist beyond the 3-dimensional realm as an all encompassing whole. In this way we are all connected & can easily take on the emotions of others without even knowing it. We also have auras that expand several feet around us. Everyday we come in contact with other people’s auras. If somebody is carrying negativity, trauma or even in some cases dark entities that have latched on to the person, they can be transferred to you if you don’t protect yourself. You can visualize a bubble of white light surrounding you, protecting you and reflecting negative vibration away from you. It’s so important to detoxify yourself daily through mediation, healthy diet, exercise and visualization.

Baths are another great way to detox…epsom or sea salts & essential oils. Selenite wands may also be used to “cut” cords to unhealthy #attachments. Take the time to protect & nurture yourself. Never feel guilty for taking care of yourself. You are allowed to relax, to be peaceful, to rest and to treat yourself to things that make you feel happy and healthy. There is a #misconception that this is considered “indulgence,” “luxury,” or “laziness.” Self love is the most important aspect to life. If you don’t love yourself enough to take care of your body, thoughts, and vibrational frequency, it will simply reflect in every aspect of your life. Self love comes first, then abundance flows naturally. If you are feeling stressed out, over worked & unhappy, ask yourself, “What would someone who loved themselves do?

Amazing text by @tuesdayaurora

“As I relax into this healing bath all negative blockages and energies dissolve. I am wrapped in the light of the Universe.”

As you soak begin to imagine the tub filling with pure white light. This is the healing light of the Universe. Imagine any dark, and negative vibrations lingering in the aura being absorbed by this light. Envision these blocks being replaced with nothing but positive intentions.

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