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Sam and I have been super eager to share with you our new and profound morning elixir! If you know us, you KNOW that we love our morning self-care rituals and elixirs to get our day started for a long day of checking emails and packing orders! We’re going to talk about something that has been coming up more and more recently — MUSHROOMS! Not the culinary mushrooms, like chanterelles or oyster mushrooms, and not psychedelic mushrooms (although these are a favorite as well hehe), but medicinal mushrooms. Powerful fungal allies like reishi, chaga, and lion’s mane that help to ground us and bring us closer to the earth in their own deep and profound way. And we’re proudly doing so with a little bit of help from our friends at Four Sigmatic!

So, what makes mushrooms such valuable medicines to start working with? Many mushrooms work as adaptogens in the body, which means they can help to support your body in the different ways it needs, depending on the moment and your own unique composition. They bring the wisdom of the earth to your body in a unique way from other herbs, the roots that stretch down into the dark and that can transmute old and decaying parts of the forest into something new, rich, and full of life. It’s basically nature’s liquid medicine.


The more popular mushrooms that are a part of Four Sigmatic’s elixirs include cordyceps (energy booster, adrenal support), lion’s mane (traditionally sipped by Buddhist monks to help with focus during meditation), turkey tail (major gut digestive support, immune support), maitake (can help support digestion and keep the body’s blood sugar levels more stable), shiitake (integrative beauty and skin support, full body wellbeing).

When I first discovered Four Sigmatics, it was their coffee elixir with Lion’s Mane that completely sold me. After drinking a cup of Lion’s Mane, nothing could distract me! The flavor of the coffee, being dark roast, was like silk down my throat. I do like my coffee black, so with that being said the actual flavor of coffee with no other additives yet really is the tipping point. What I look for in coffee is ALWAYS the coffee bean’s test result, so when I saw that Four Sigmatic does this for EVERY batch I signed up for the mushroom membership right away. The fact that they test for mold, yeast, mycotoxins, heavy metals irradiation and pesticides is everything you should look for in coffee!!!! You can see their test results here on their website. 

Two other powerful mushrooms and our intern Victoria’s favorites, include reishi and chaga. Reishi is a mushroom that hails from China, where it has long been renowned for its properties as an immune booster and to strengthen energy. It’s also a powerful adaptogen and grounding mushroom for sleep and calming. Chaga has historically been used in folk remedies in the Baltic countries, Russia, Poland, and China. This fungus contains antioxidants, as do other superfoods like blueberries, which can help to protect the body from the damaging effects of free radicals on cells. So let’s be honest, anything with antioxidants is a YES from me!

Four Sigmatic makes taking mushroom elixirs easy and tasty by offering a variety of blends that appeal to people in both the tea and coffee camps. And they’re pre-mixed and pre-packaged, so you can just add them to hot water and enjoy a delicious and nourishing hot beverage that has the extra benefits of mushrooms. Want to make your coffee a little #extra? Mushroom coffee with cordyceps and chaga will give you an extra perk in the morning. I know we have some golden milk lovers out there too, tell me thank you after you try their golden milk latte with shiitake and turmeric. Want to cuddle up with hot chocolate on a rainy day? Enjoy their version with reishi for relaxation on a deep, cellular level. Need help with digestive support? Their matcha with maitake or chai with turkey tail and reishi can help to support gut health any time of the day, enjoy your morning or afternoon pick-me-up. They also make powerful blends like a 10-mushroom tea powder, adaptogenic blend, and hydration blend. Which, i’ve tried all three and the adaptogenic blend is literally amazing for fruit smoothies, gives you a tart sensation if that’s what you fall for!


All of Four Sigmatic’s mushrooms are lovingly sourced from a small family farm in China, which is the country with the longest history in mushroom cultivation (since at least 60 AD!! #mindblown). Their other ingredients are also carefully sourced which again, is so important; their cacao is sourched from Peru, their coffee is fair-trade from Honduras, and all of their ingredients are organic. Some of their mushroom blends are combined with other adaptogens like astragalus, moringa, and turmeric, giving you a super-blast of herbal powers for your mind and body with each cup. Along with being superfood blends, they’re supertasty and very versatile!!

Just to give you a little glimpse into my morning cup-of-joe, I love to add grass-fed butter for my healthy fats, collagen for hair, skin, & bone health, manuka honey if I have a sweet tooth, and of course top if off with a couple drops of our Th0ughtcloud CBD , another biohacking product we always rave about. (Discount code ‘Unicorns’)

Another reason why I love Four Sigmatic and their whole company is how hands on, upfront, and excellent they are with their customer service. I have never ever been disappointed with their quick responses and informational tools and packages they offer. They go all in with the information they provide for us because they simply want everyone to know what mushrooms can do for us all! So for all of the Shroom’ newbies, or anyone really, they offer a Week On Shrooms which is a solution that takes the guesswork out creating a daily mushroom ritual for starters! So awesome, we know.

If you would like to learn even more about the benefits of mushrooms, Four Sigmatic also has a reallycool Mushroom Academy that’s free with little videos about the benefits of many of the medicinal mushrooms mentioned above! The videos are short and straight to the point, really giving you the true concept of how and why mushrooms play a big role in our lives whether you eat them or not!

So if you want to add medicinal mushrooms to your diet easily without having to go out and source a whole bunch of new powders to add to your spice shelves (#guilty!), then Four Sigmatic is definitely the delicious way to go! Especially because we received a special Chasin’ Unicorns affiliate code for our very own unicorn family! It’s sooo much fun sharing with you guys our kitchen not-so-secret health tips! Nothing better than sharing and passing along knowledge. So click here to check out EVERYTHING they offer and don’t forget to use ‘ChasinUnicorns’ at checkout to save you money and help support us! Discount codes are fun because it’s a win-win for all of us! 🙂

Lastly, HAVE FUN learning about mushrooms, it’s benefits, and learning new ways of biohacking! We, Sam and I, are here to help you and guide you towards the perfect elixir for YOU! Aside from everything I stated above, there are so many other reasons why I know you’ll fall in love with their toxin-free, mold-free coffee… I mean who wants mold in their coffee with or without mushrooms anyway??

Hope you enjoy reading this blog and we love you so much, Unicorns! Stay wild & free!

The statements made on this blog and by Four Sigmatic have not been evaluated by the FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration). The products sold by Four Sigmatic are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information provided by this blog, Chasin’ Unicorns, or Four Sigmatic is not a substitute for a face-to-face consultation with your physician, and should not be construed as individual medical advice.

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