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Affiliate Handbook:

Getting Started: Submitting Your Application

The first step in becoming a Chasin’ Unicorns Affiliate is submitting your application. You can apply by going to our then go to the “Account” tab on the website menu bars; there will be a drop-down menu and click on Be An Affiliate. Once you are on the Be An Affiliate page, scroll down to the application section. Fill out the application, and the click Submit Application!

Tips for Affiliate Applications

Sign up using the email associated with your PayPal Account

Once you are signed up you will be able to create your own unique promo code. When picking a promo code use keywords associated with your brand (i.e. your name or name of your brand)
Also, make sure your promo code is easy for your followers to remember and spell

Setting Up Your Account

Shortly after you submit you application, you will receive a confirmation email from Chasin’ Unicorns. The email will include a link to set up your new Chasin’ Unicorns Affiliate Account. Click the link, and you will be taken to the Affiliate Login Page. In order to set your password, click on the Lost Your Password Button. Enter the email you used to submit you application, and you be sent an email with a link to reset your password. Once you have reset your password, return to the Affiliate Login Page and enter your email with your new password. You will have now have access to your Chasin’ Unicorns Affiliate Dashboard.

Introduction to Your Dashboard

When you login into your Affiliate Account, you have access to your sales, payment history, creatives, and impressions. Each page will provide you with information to track your impact and progress as a Chasin’ Unicorns Affiliate. In addition, all the data found on the Affiliate Dashboard can help you improve marketing tactics (i.e. more money for you) as well as shape your content for followers. Now, let’s break things down.


Everytime you login to your Affiliate Account, you will be automatically taken to the your Overview page. The Overview includes an account summary as well as your impressions, transactions, and revenue for the day and month.


The Sales page of the Affiliate Dashboard allows you to view and track all sales made using your promo code and personal website link. Every sale made using your promo code and personal website link will appear on this page with an identification number for your records as well as information about the sale. Information about a sale includes the type, date, status, description, reference ID and amount of the sale. Another helpful feature of the Sales Page is Data Range. The Data Range feature allows you to view sales during specified time periods. Instead of scrolling up and down your sales, you can save time and quickly view the sales during the time periods you want by using the Data Range feature.

Payment History

In order to track payments from Chasin’ Unicorns, simply click on Payment History. The Payment History page allows you view payments from Chasin’ Unicorns to you. Similar to the Sales Page, each payment from Chasin’ Unicorns includes  This page also includes the Date Range feature.

How to use your Link and Make Money

When you are logged in, you will want to click “CREATIVES” on your dashboard. This will give you a link that is exclusive and unique to you. Share this link with your friends, family, followers, and community in order to earn cash back every sale. Links are great to put in your instagram bio, facebook post, emails, blogs and websites. Every sale made through your link will earn you 15% cash back credit and commission. You can also share your unique promo code to offer your friends and family a 10% discount, which will also credit you back on commissions, that were made using your promo code.