Give and You Shall Receive – Become a Brand Ambassador


We wanted to make it easier for folks to learn more about our influencer & brand ambassador program.  We want to thank you deeply for showing interest in representing our small but growing business! The love and support from you all is truly truly amazing. We are still less than a year old, so we can use all of the help we can get in spreading the word about our products.

Here are just a few details for our promoter give and receive program. There are no specific rules to apply, we are just looking for people who love the brand, have a passion for helping a small business, are committed and creative and would love to receive either CASH back or store CREDIT for helping spread the benefits of some of our products. You will also be eligible for free goodies. 

If chosen:

  • You will receive your own unique promo-code which will offer a discount to your friends, family & followers. You also get to use the code on your own product orders, yay!  Let us know what you would like your unique promo code to be.
  • Every purchase someone makes with your unique code (over a certain amount) will give you store credit to spend on your favorite products at Chasin’ Unicorns OR cash back (per order) vis paypal, if you qualify.
  • No minimum follower count required, this is about your passion for the company and if you think your friends, family and followers will love us too!
  • The more authentic you are in posting, the more people are likely to use your code.

All influencers and brand ambassadors are eligible for seasonal and limited edition shop items, exclusive discounts and special offers. 

We hope that you will apply to become an ambassador and look forward to getting to know all of you.  Some of our original ambassadors have already earned their first set of dolla bills to spend.

To apply, click here and submit your info. For any questions please shoot us an e-mail to info

Love you all so much!!


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