Benefits of Bathing In Pink Himalayan Salt

Benefits of self care, Pink Himalayan Salt Detox

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If you are feeling weary and washed-out, why not indulge your senses in a nice warm Himalayan salt bath just before bedtime? This is a truly therapeutic and rejuvenating experience for your body, mind and soul.

The GOOD NEWS is that you can achieve such detox, healing and relaxation effect in the comforts of your own home – simple, safe and affordable.

Moreover, the Himalayan pink salt is said to be the purest form of natural salt on Earth today. It is mined from ancient oceans deep in the geologic veins of the Himalayan Mountains, which has been protected from human pollutions.

It contains 84 nourishing trace elements and minerals that cannot be found in regular processed table salt.

Having regular Himalayan salt baths can easily boost your immunity, regulate your pH balance, fight off infections such as viral and bacterial assaults on the skin and body, and many more benefits…

Do you know that the detox effect of having a warm Himalayan salt bath is equivalent to fasting for 3 days?

The beauty of Himalayan bath salt benefits lies not just with absorbing minerals through your skin, but in enjoying this therapeutic routine as a practical step to long-term wellness.

10 Major BENEFITS of Himalayan Salt Crystal Bath:

1. Detoxification and Minerals Infusion

When dissolved in warm water bath, the Himalayan crystal salt becomes a powerful detoxifier as this ionic salt solution helps to extract the toxins out of your skin and tissues.

At the same time, the 84 natural-occurring minerals and elements in the Himalayan pink salt penetrate your skin, leaving you refreshed and nourished.

Chasin Unicorns Natural Crystal Bath Salt Soak Sage Salty Daydream LepidoliteAs a result, this reduces the acidic levels in our body and balances the pH of our body and skin.

2. Re-Energizing Your Body

Soaking in a Himalayan salt crystal bath is like soaking in an ocean of energy. As your body organs resonate with the natural frequency of the minerals in the salt bath, your body is being recharged; hence, re-activating the body’s regulatory mechanism, boosting metabolism and triggering its self-healing powers.

3. Promotes Better Skin Hydration, Leaving Your Skin Softer, Smoother, Supple to Touch, and Glowing

In a normal water bath, moisture tends to be extracted from the skin, as our body fluids are salt solution rather than pure 100% water.

The use of expensive body lotions and creams is also often far from being effective, as it functions as a temporary external layer.

Bathing in a natural Himalayan salt solution is a different story.

The natural sea salt gets absorbed readily into the skin, cleansing and purifying the pores from within.

The strong detoxification effect of the Himalayan salt draws out the toxins from the skin, which will otherwise lead to dull, lifeless and uneven complexion.

At the same time, your skin is nourished with 84 types of nutrients, leaving your skin with a long-lasting healthy youthful glow.

The salt gets stored in the upper layer of the skin, which binds the water molecules. This plumps up your skin and creates a natural protective film on the skin preventing the skin from drying.

4. Treatment for Skin Problems

Himalayan pink salt bath also helps to heal and bring relief to irritating and painful skin disorders such as acne, eczema and psoriasis, as it helps to promote better skin hydration and has excellent antiseptic qualities.

It is also effective against insect bites and blisters.

5. Reduce Inflammation and Soothe Away The Soreness

A warm Himalayan salt water bath also helps to relax and provide relief to cramped muscles and muscle aches, due to the presence of magnesium and some other trace minerals.

Other minerals in the Himalayan pink salt, such as calcium, also help to strengthen bones, skin, and connective tissues that may contribute to body soreness in other ways.

It is found to also effectively reduce inflammation of sprains and strains of joints, as well as relieves pain from broken bones, arthritis and rheumatism, osteoarthritis and tendinitis.

6. Provide Relief for Migraines

7. Natural Remedy for Insomnia and Other Sleep-Related Disorders

8. Helps to Reduce Depression and Negativity as It Restores Harmony in The Spiritual and Mental Balance

9. Found to be A Natural Remedy to Gynecological Problems and Post-Menstrual Syndrome for The Ladies

10. Stimulates Blood Circulation and Cellular Regeneration

How to Prepare a Himalayan Salt Bath?

You may not always have the time or the luxury to have regular visits to the spa. But the great thing about a Himalayan salt bath is that you can enjoy it at home with no fussy preparation involved.

In fact you can tailor your salt water bath depending on your needs. You can also try out and stalk up on some all natural bath bombs, bath crumbles and bath salts that can last up to 3 months here.

Natural Himalayan Salt Body Scrub

Himalayan salt body scrub is also a great alternative to exfoliate, re-mineralize and moisturize your skin.Chasin Unicorns Lavender Body Butter Moisturizing Body Scrub

Using a salt scrub can help to increase blood circulation, hence assisting in the rejuvenation of your cells, leaving your skin looking more radiant than ever.

Chasin’ Unicorns brand of Himalayan body scrub is also infused with natural extracts or essential oils, leaving your skin lightly scented after the bath.

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