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Crystals Of The Month: Rose Quartz

I’m Victoria, and I’m a part-time intern for Chasin’ Unicorns and full-time medical student interested in psychiatry, especially working with children and in global mental health. I stumbled into the world of crystals during my Saturn Return, and quickly became immersed in the realms of mystical and spiritual tools for self-empowerment, including astrology, tarot, and Ayurveda. 

We have some crystals of the month this holiday season, we had some very special crystals for you this month – rainbow moonstone, smokey quartz, tree agate, rose quartz, and fancy agate. All crystals with great vibes to get you some extra intuition,

Rainbow moonstone

I just adore this magical, shimmery, sparkling stone. Every time I hold a rainbow moonstone in my hands I feel such a buzz of energy and connection with a mystery that feels so special.

Rainbow moonstone is, unsurprisingly, connected to the energies of the Moon. In astrology, the Moon is connected to the push and pull of feminine cycles. Just like the moon, we pass through cycles in our life, our emotions may wax and wane, and sometimes we may need some additional, gentle support with our emotions and hormones. This strong connection also unleashes empowered feminine energy to feed the goddess energy that runs through all of us.

Rainbow Moonstone connects your subconscious and inner knowing to help understand the mysteries of life, strengthening your intuition. By connecting us to lunar energy, it helps us to hone our intuition and connect with our inner voices of higher wisdom that we sometimes forget to listen to. We all have a strong intuition, even though sometimes we forget or ignore it or doubt its voice. When we tune in to the energy of rainbow moonstone, we can help quiet our outside mind and soften into ourselves, enabling us to open our ears to our intuition.


Smokey quartz

Smoky Quartz is an amazing form of quartz for grounding us and connecting us to our roots, stability, and foundations. This crystal helps you to drop in and sink deep into yourself, stretching those roots down to dig deep and get the nourishment you need from the Earth. 

Similar to Amethyst, Smoky Quartz is a strong energy cleanser. Smoky Quartz removes negative energy by carrying them back into the Earth for grounding and transmutation. The crystal’s ability to stabilize and expand consciousness makes it an exceptional meditation partner. Smoky quartz also can help with strengthening trust, with the release of toxic emotions and the creation of a sense of safety.


Tree agate

This is an excellent crystal for connecting ourselves to the magic and the wisdom of the Earth, for bringing out our own internal Queen of Pentacles. Deeply connected to the element this crystal is connected to abundance, materialism, our comforts of home (hi Taurus!), sensuality, physical health (oh hey Virgo), basically anything that is deeply tangible and embodied in this world.

Tree Agate has a strong connection to the life and wisdom of trees. To grow to their highest potential, trees also must have deep, strong roots that reach far underground and spread wide to capture all the nutrition and water they need. The ever-changing trees demonstrate the art of letting go of that which no longer serves us, and how to bloom again after a period of rest. Trees teach us to bend with the wind and withstand the storm. This connection to the tree also guides rooting and grounding the truth of who we are while we also grow and transform over time In times of stress. The connection to trees makes Tree Agate a powerful stone for bringing abundance into your life. It facilitates seeing opportunities and gaining the motivation to overcome every challenge that may come in your way.


Rose Quartz

I love having a bit of Rose Quartz around to help me remember to treat myself with compassion, with empathy, with understanding, and with softness every day. Sometimes we can be so harsh on ourselves, and rose quartz is such a beautiful reminder to speak to ourselves with gentleness, love, and care.

Like other varieties of quartz, Rose Quartz has the power to take in and transmute energy from one form into another. This is what makes the members of the quartz family such an essential part of any crystal healing kit and such fantastic stones to have in your home and carry around with you every day. Rose Quartz, in particular, transmutes and transforms all energetic vibrations related to the energy of love.

Rose Quartz also can be used to call in profound connections of mutual trust, respect, and caring. It helps to calm disputes by bringing us better in tune with our empathetic ear and our sensitivity to the needs and emotions of others. When we have experienced grief or loss of any kind, Rose Quartz’s soft, calming vibrations can provide a gentle balm to our heart and our soul to help soothe and heal us. Rose Quartz is a wonderful stone to use in or around a bath to turn it into a ritual of self-love and self-care that resonates with the highest frequency energies of love and compassion.

Fancy Agate

Agates are beautiful, multicolored stones that have a long history of being used for protection, healing, and prosperity. Many ancient protection figurines were often carved from agate. 

Agate is an excellent grounding stone, bringing us more into our sense of safety, security, and inner connectedness. It works slowly to center us, as it brings us back into balance from the inside out, connecting with all the layers of our body, including the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. This is a profoundly harmonizing stone, balancing our lunar and solar energies, positive and negative, any of the energies of duality that we may carry within us and that sometimes can throw us off balance.  

Agate is also a powerful aid in cleansing by bringing up anything that is hidden to the surface. It can facilitate healing on all levels by helping us better comprehend the inner imbalances that may be contributing to disease. In this way, agate is a profoundly purifying stone that helps us to live in and fully express our truth. With the extra support of agate to accompany us, we can feel empowered and ready to stand up again after we have fallen. throughout life, even our most difficult and challenging lessons, and agate helps us to learn how to do that.

In addition to these amazing crystals, the Dashing December box is full of products for treating and honoring yourself! You are totally divine in every way and we love giving you some extra little self-care tools for all the pampering you may need.

The Whipped Crystal Body Butter – oh man, this is amazing! I have some and I just love the texture – super smooth, goes on so nicely, and makes my skin feel absolutely amazing even the day after my shower. This time of year I know I crave lots of extra moisture for my skin with the cold outside and the heaters inside, and I’m finding that the body butter keeps my skin oh so happy and much less cranky than it feels normal in the winter! 

Soapy Layne is another amazing, natural, and vegan holistic body care company inspired by our favorite mystical tools.  They use only the purest herbs and essential oils. The owner, Cassie, ensures all ingredients is sustainably harvested, some are even harvested from her own garden! The Wild Flower Facial Steam is another perfect tool for this super-drying winter air that leaves our cheeks all chapped and raw. Cassie combined chamomile, roses, comfrey, calendula, and rosemary to help heal, nourish, soften, detoxify, and revitalize skin. 

We’re also super excited to have the Star Child Celestial Body Oil from Spirit Element going out to you all this month. The goal of Spirit Element is to help us all “discover the presence of spirit within yourself and your environment” through ritual supplies and holistic beauty items that help us cultivate spiritual and physical well-being. The Star Child oil is crafted with lavender, sandalwood, and rosewood to help us connect with the optimism and hope that we need to extend our gaze and our hands towards the stars. We are all stardust, and this oil can help us connect to that. 

Candles are another beautiful aspect of ritual and creating a sacred space for yourself, which is why we are so excited to have A Bird’s Moon candle in our box this month. Their soy candles are clean-burning, so they don’t produce soot, they are non-toxic, and they burn slowly so you get lots of time to enjoy each candle! Plus their scents are soo yummy! 



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