Crystals Used To Charge Your Bath Water

"Our bodies absorb the vibrational frequencies of our environments, our thoughts and the people we are surrounded by. Water has been proven to change structure based on positive or negative thoughts. We can cleanse our energy & heal our bodies through positive affirmation. As an empath, it is especially easy to absorb the negativity, trauma, and pain of those around us. Our energies exist beyond the 3-dimensional realm as an all-encompassing whole. In this way, we are all connected & can easily take on the emotions of others without even knowing it. We also have auras that expand several feet around us. Every day we come in contact with other people’s auras. If somebody is carrying negativity, trauma or even in some cases dark entities that have latched on to the person, they can be transferred to you if you don’t protect yourself. You can visualize a bubble of white light surrounding you, protecting you and reflecting negative vibration away from you. It’s so important to detoxify yourself daily through meditation, healthy diet, exercise, and visualization.

Baths are another great way to detox…epsom or sea salts & essential oilsSelenite wands may also be used to “cut” cords to unhealthy #attachments. Take the time to protect & nurture yourself. Never feel guilty for taking care of yourself. You are allowed to relax, to be peaceful, to rest and to treat yourself to things that make you feel happy and healthy. There is a #misconception that this is considered “indulgence,” “luxury,” or “laziness.” Self-love is the most important aspect of life. If you don’t love yourself enough to take care of your body, thoughts, and vibrational frequency, it will simply reflect in every aspect of your life. Self-love comes first, then abundance flows naturally. If you are feeling stressed out, overworked & unhappy, ask yourself, “What would someone who loved themselves do?" - By @tuesdayaurora

Baths are another great way to benefit from crystal energy.  Many people find that bathing with rose quartz, clear quartz points or other crystals can enhance the bathing experience. We personally like to use them as a ritual: "an established or prescribed procedure or action to initiate intention" or as the water also clears and vitalizes the crystals as well. Add a stone in with your bath salts or bubble bath and use intention to charge the salts with the energy.  Or better yet, purchase any of our bath products or bath bomb, and use the mysterious crystal that comes inside. There is no such thing as coincidences, so although you don't get to choose the crystal, the crystal that is meant for you will choose you. Our customers have repeatedly told us how they will look up the meaning to the crystal inside their Chasin' Unicorns bath bomb and be shocked and how well the meaning relates to their current life situation.


It's also important to note that the prettiest bath bombs may be the most toxic. We all get shiny object syndrome every now and then… some of us more often than others.  So it’s no surprise that we get drawn in by the bright colors, patterns, and scents of stores like Lush and Bath & Body Works.  It’s natural to be attracted to something eye-catching, and of course to something that smells delicious or luxurious.  But the ‘natural’ aspect stops there.  Those colors and scents that you are getting from bath and body products are often attributed to ‘fragrances’ and dyes that are far from natural.

Scents are also great, but can sometimes be overwhelming to those with a delicate palate.  Fragrance or perfumes which are often the way scents are listed in bath bombs are often just a pretty word for chemicals.  Most companies can use friendly words because these are proprietary blends that are protected by trademarks.  Fair right?  With natural bath bombs, you want to look for products that are naturally scented with items like essential oils.  Sure, they won’t be as ‘strong’ as the fragrance laden items, but 1. you won’t be breathing in a chemical, 2. you will benefit from the variety of oils (calming, breathability, headaches, etc.) , and 3. you go nose blind within minutes anyway, so while you may not smell it anymore, you are still going to be inhaling it (good or bad!).

The moral of the story is that you shouldn’t choose your bath bombs based on their bright colors or how powerful their scent is.  You should look for a bath bomb that has the right ingredients.  Sometimes they might not be the prettiest or the most powerful smelling, but they should be the ones that give you the most physical benefit.