How to Unblock Your Chakras

The seven chakras regulate the connection between our physical bodies, mental, emotional, and spiritual state. It is important to be attentive to each chakra, since they all work together in an exchange of energy in order to bring completion to our well-being. An imbalance of just one chakra and we begin to feel off-center. Negative energy starts to circulate and block the life sustaining energy we need in order to thrive as our best selves. Each chakra serves its individual function with an assigned color and associations. Below are ways to identify sign posts that the Sacral, Heart, and Crown Chakra may be restricted along with rituals that can release these chakras back to vitality.

The Sacral Chakra: Embrace Change and Welcome Creativity

(Svadhisthana): Meaning “One’s own place” “Your own seat” and is linked to the color orange.Our sacral chakra is located between our root and solar plexus, connecting our needs, the grounded self to how we externally portray ourselves in confidence. The reason why attention to  the sacral chakra is so important  is because it regulates our acceptance to flow with change instead of the rigid expectations we can place on ourselves. When our sacral chakra is aligned, you will feel confident in self-exploration and expression and lean on your own unique wisdom and insight. You will find that you stop apologizing and feel enthusiastic about your own identity.

Sacral Chakra Check: Do I feel…

Curious, open minded, blissful, flexible, compassionate, vibrant, trusting of intuition

Signs Your Sacral Chakra May Be Blocked

  • Lower back pain
  • Struggling setting boundaries 
  • Struggling to cope with life changes
  • Sexual hesitation, discomfort, or low libido
  • Overwhelming insecurity or depression
  • Uninspired/creative blocks
  • Detached to self and others

5 Ritual Ideas to Unblock Your Sacral Chakra

  1. Crystal : Amber or Citrine
  2. Yoga Poses: Hip Openers

Deep: Lizard or Pigeon

Gentle: Cat-Cow or happy baby

  1. Affirmations: “I will claim my space” “I honor my feelings” “I embrace my mind and body”
  2. Essential Oils: Citrus aromas, patchouli and Sacral Chakra Oil
  3. Meditation: Focus on breath movement between pelvic root and abdomen

The Heart Chakra: Genuine, Courageous Love

(Anahata): Meaning “Un-struck” “Unhurt” and is associated with the color green. I like to think of the heart chakra as our power source to being truly fearless in love. Our heart chakra connects the lower 3 physical and emotional chakras to the 3 higher, spiritual and mental chakras and is an important one to be attentive to through healing processes. Attending to self-love, through acceptance and letting go are the keys to unblocking the heart chakra. When the heart chakra is aligned, you will feel a natural purity in relationship to yourself and others. There will be less judgements and criticism, but instead operating from a place of embracing, nurturing and celebrating yourself and everyone you encounter. 

Heart Chakra Check: Do I feel…

Welcoming, warm, accepting, empathetic, appreciative, forgiving, honoring, patient

Signs your heart chakra may be blocked

  • Loneliness-choosing too much isolation
  • Fear of connection with others
  • Upper back problems
  • Heart and lung problems 
  • Social anxiety
  • Over-thinking and overly critical 
  • Struggle to let go of hurt
  • Clinging to unhealthy relationships

5 Ritual Ideas to Unblock Your Heart Chakra 

  1. Crystal: Rose Quartz, Jade, or Tourmaline
  2. Yoga: Heart Openers 

Deep Opener: Camel and fish pose

Gentle Opener: Goal post back bend

  1. Intentions/ Affirmations: “I am fearless” “I can let go of the past and choose the present” “I choose love and receive love” “I love myself and others unconditionally” 
  2. Essential Oils: Rose aromas, Neroli, andHeart Chakra Oil 
  3. Meditation: deep breathing, the symbol of air- pranayama

The Crown Chakra: Fully Conscious, Content and Connected

(Sahasrara): Meaning “Thousand Petals” symbolizing complete awakening and spiritual connection-seeing pure light. The color white and violet represent the simplicity and clarity of this chakra. The crown chakra is one of the most complex chakras-it is being whole and empty simultaneously. One of the most amazing experiences I've ever had was after I had begun work on balancing each of my chakras. I was in a yoga class and was focusing on my crown chakra during savastana. My yoga teacher put on music from Beautiful Chorus and we all chanted “My roots reach deeply. I am connected to the core of me” In that moment, I felt such a deep release and understanding of myself as one with the universe. This is what the crown chakra needs, tuning in and surrendering to the unknown, spiritual realm.

Crown Chakra Check: Do I feel…

Liberated, complete, powerful, connected, highly conscious or aware, clear minded, peace

Signs Your Crown Chakra May Be Blocked

  • Imbalances in another chakra / bringing attention to the crown before the rest are aligned
  • Irrational, dysfunctional thoughts
  • Headaches & migraines
  • Spiralling out of control
  • Feeling far from self
  • Mental instability
  • Confusion, lack of direction or order

5 Ritual Ideas to Unblock your Crown Chakra

  1. Crystal: clear crystals like calcite & quartz or amethyst & indigo
  2. Yoga: Kundalini 
  3. Intentions and Affirmations: “I surrender” “I am one with the universe and others” “I am whole” 
  4. Essentials Oils: Lavender for ultimate calming release, Frankincense, and Crown Chakra Oil 
  5. Meditation: Chant/speak affirmations out loud and then silence for balance