I Had 4 Hematite Rings Break In My Hand… What Does This Mean?

Written By Samantha Strom - September 24 2018


July 10 2019

You know you’re supposed to utilise all the shards after they took all that energy inside, right?

July 10 2019

Good morning,

I just wanted to share with you what happened with the ring Im still trippin. I bought a ring for my daughter whos 12 in the 5th grade. She has only had it for about 1 week yesterday in her class as she was working on some class work. It totally broke on her she brought the pieces home. I have them charging on a selenite heart piece for the day. I will have her put the pieces in her back pack after today. I was just trippin big time on how much negativity was around her.

Love & Peace ♥

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