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I Had 4 Hematite Rings Break In My Hand… What Does This Mean?

So friends, last month I went out to two family/friend functions. I have been trying no to go out and party as much, because quite frankly it just does not interest me as much as sleeping soundly in the comfort of my own home. Usually with an episode of Game of Thrones and a glass of with... Anyhow... I went out with my father and his friends to an MMA fight at the Long Beach pyramid one night and then two weekends after I went out with Johanna and some of our friends to Octoberfest in Huntington Beach.

And something very strange happened, both instances, in the same way. Both nights I was drinking and both nights I was surrounded by a lot of people that I didn’t know. Large crowds. Mid sentence talking to friends, both my Hematite Rings (I was wearing one on each of my middle fingers, each night) snapped in half… one right after the other. And don’t get me wrong, these rings are STONE crystals and very strong... and right when I thought hmm maybe this is just a weird coincidence, asking myself did I hit this ring on something and cause it to break, the other would just break right then and there in my hand. One right after the other. I first thoughts were what is going on... something isn’t right.

After doing some research for ours and reading other peoples stories about rings breaking on them I was very intrigued.  Many say that Hematite is a very protective and absorbing stone that can absorb negative energy around you or directed towards you. Hematite’s main component is iron, which is known for strength and stability. Among ancient cultures from the Greeks to Native Americans, hematite was used for strength, endurance, and protection before battle. Interestingly, the ancient Romans connected hematite with Mars, the god of war, and in 2004, the Mars rover discovered vast hematite deposits on the planet Mars.

Repel Negativity

Hematite is said to create a protective shield around the person using it. Its energy can assimilate and disperse any negative energy you encounter. Some people have experienced that when hematite absorbs too much negative energy, the stone may either break or disappear from its owner for a while.

Empathy and Personal Boundaries

Being tuned in to other people’s feelings is a wonderful gift. But it can be draining if you’re not aware of your empathy or don’t know how to control it. Use hematite to feel secure and grounded in your own, not another’s, energy. Hematite is associated with the base, or root, chakra. Use it to help root chakra related issues such as security, self-esteem, the material world, and reclaiming your power.

Ways to Use Hematite

You can wear hematite jewelry, carry pieces of hematite in your purse or pocket, or keep a piece in places where you want to stay grounded and focused, like on your work desk or in a car dashboard compartment. Cleanse and charge hematite gemstones before use, and about once a month thereafter (Avoid water to cleanse hematite).

Balance Spiritual and Material Life

Sometimes in your personal spiritual life, you may work extensively with the upper chakras as you connect to a higher source. At the same time, it’s important to remember we are still human. We still must take care of our bodies, maintain relationships with others, and function within the world around us. Hematite could be a tool that helps you attain balance between the spiritual and material life. If you are interested in getting one of these rings for yourself and learning more, Click HERE.