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Leo: The Lioness

Welcome to Leo season, everyone! Leos have the reputation of being the life of the party, or maybe even of being self-centered and prideful drama queens/kings. Those are just some of the more basic or shadow aspects of Leo, however. Leo season is a reminder to live fully and courageously from our hearts, honoring our inner child, with a special focus on whatever part of your chart is ruled by Leo, and on any planets that Leo is influencing. Let yourself shine from your heart-center, and you inspire others to be themselves and do the same!

So let’s break down a bit of the symbology of Leo and how that relates to us all collectively and on an individual level. The lioness is a particularly potent symbol connected to many powerful goddesses from ancient cultures including Sekhmet, Innana, Ishtar, or Asherah. Lionesses work together to hunt for their pride, and have strong family bonds. The power of the individual and the power of the community come together. Shining forth with their own strength, the way they are.

This is the central lesson of Leo - to be fully who you are, to shine your light brightly, because doing so helps others to shine their lights out into the world as well. To not fear who you are and all you become, because you know that doing that will both fulfill you and show others the way forward through your example. To revel as well in community, friendship, the important bonds in your life, what you can contribute to the good of all who are around you (learning how to evolve through the polar opposite of Aquarius). The playfulness of a romp, a twitched tail, a pounce, letting loose without fear of being who you are. In the body, Leo is related with the heart, that central organ of our body that continually pumps blood to bring us abundance and sustain us even in our moments of highest intensity.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the Sun is a very apt symbol for Leo at this time of year. This midsummer sun shines brightly down on the earth without hiding itself, without dimming itself in any way. This is the heat of summer, when summer feels the most summer-y, when the days and even the nights can be so hot, when the sun most definitely makes itself known. It shines out with all its full radiance, the golden rays falling upon everything and filling life with golden abundance and pure, unadulterated light. And yet, the Sun is also a giant flaming ball of fire that would absolutely fry us to a crisp if we got too close. Leo is Fixed Fire, the energy of Fire that takes the initial spark of Aries Cardinal Fire and continues that energetic, passionate manifestation work of the creative birthing process. This energy can burn us, and it can also be used to transform and bring the most exciting and intense ideas to life. So this time of year, let your creative juices flow with the solar energy of Leo.

Leo season this year comes on the heels of the end of Mercury retrograde, and will continue to reverberate with the energetics of this time of reconsideration and renewal as Mercury enters Leo again on August 11. This Leo season will also have Venus in Leo for almost the entirety of the season, Mars in Leo until the last week of the season, and both Juno and Pallas in Leo until shortly after the start of Virgo season. So any babies born this Leo season could have a a pretty intense stellium of fiery, hot, passionate, creative, inner-child energy that could drive a lot of power and intensity in their lives.

The card for Leo is Strength, which is such a moving and powerful card in the tarot. Strength reminds us that all our true power and strength and capability come from the heart, not from any force or trying to overwhelm anyone else. We see a woman figure and a lion, reminding us of these powerful ancient goddesses who were accompanied by lions. We are encouraged to source our creativity from the heart, from our playful soul, basing our desires upon what it is that comes naturally from us, not what we feel like anyone else wants us to make or do.

The inner child is another important symbol for Leo. A young child does things because they spark joy, because they seem fun, because they are exciting and interesting. And a little child also looks to others to recognize them for what they are doing. The little kid in you that wants to sing and dance and be a star just wants to have fun and enjoy life and shine that delight out into the world. Just as we can’t help but smile when a kid brings us their drawing and it so full of pride for what they’ve made, Leo craves being seen, and the light that shines out of Leo delights us all and lifts us all up. Just to see the pleasure on someone else’s face and feel that warmth in the heart that comes from the smile of sharing and creating something new.

The central principle of soulistic Leo is sovereignty. Finding your own sovereignty in yourself, honoring yourself as the regal queen you are who deserves respect and who can create an opportunity for yourself through your own creativity, divine spark, and passionate fire. Leo is a Queen, and this terminology has nothing to do with gender in how I’m using it here. A Queen-like the Queens in the tarot, who is full of their own intrinsic power and capability and shines that forward for all others, willingly sharing this to bring greater light and warmth to those they are with. I find it beautiful that I relate to the teachings of the Queens being the Fixed version of their element, so the Queen of Wands corresponds directly to Leo. The Queen of Wands is unafraid of their power, knows that they have light and brilliance and seek to shine that out for everyone. The Queen of Wands is fiery and passionate, does not accept any disrespect, is complete unto who they are, lights up the world because they know they don’t need permission or validation from anyone to be their own star.

The Leo-ruled area of your chart is the area that wants to shine and fill you with brilliance. Any planets that are influenced by Leo will bring you great prosperity and abundance, as long as you honor their needs and aren’t afraid for them to shine fully as how they are. Leo rules my 10th house, so, even when it’s hard for me (as a Pisces Moon!) To get out there, I truly will achieve the greatest success in my professional and public life when I shine my light and live from the heart without hiding any parts of who I am. My birth chart asks me to be courageous and to not shrink away from the spotlight, because by letting my inner sun radiate out into the world, I bring myself a success and I can provide a guiding light to others as well.

The Sun is truly at the center of the solar system. And sometimes we just need to honor that central position and its magic. So let’s raise a glass to our Leos and celebrate their radiance and dazzling heart-centered love this season!



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