Products We Love: Pranamat

Here at Chasin’ Unicorns we love to share amazing products from awesome other small businesses around the web that are transforming our lives. So we want to give a spotlight and a bit of a shout-out to Pranamat!

So what is a Pranamat? Basically it’s an in-home massager, #winning. They use a technique from Chinese medicine called acupressure, which seeks to decrease pain by using pressure and touchpoints to diffuse energy. Acupressure is related to the ideas of acupuncture, addressing overlapping nerve pathways in certain parts of the body that may lead to pain relief through stimulation. The acupressure technique of the Pranamat, however, is different in that it targets much larger swaths of the body than in a traditional acupuncture session. They’re super easy to use, ultra-relaxing, and great for your whole body, mind, and spirit. I mean really, what could be better? What’s so cool about the Pranamat is that it has all these little lotus flower petals with HIPS plastic on top of a soft, supportive pillow. Each little flower creates a mini massage that can help increase blood flow to the area, foster relaxation throughout your whole body, increase your energy levels, improve pain and soreness, and even improve the restful quality of your sleep. You can totally feel your tension just melt away when you lay down on the Pranamat and let it get to work.

Sam tried one out and said, “You can feel the benefits of using the Pranamat ECO from your first minutes on it. It’s impossible not notice how the blood circulates and warms the skin – like you’ve just been on a #massage therapist’s table!”. It can help increase the release of endorphins (just like chocolate does!), which are awesome little hormones for happiness, relaxation, and just melting away stress. The Pranamat has been studied in particular for improvement of various types of back pain, and is also effective for headaches, migraines, tension, fatigue, sleep disorders, and leg pains.

The Pranamat ECO is handmade in Latvia from all-natural materials. The supportive inner fill is made of coconut fibers, with a natural cotton sheath around it and linen outer cover. The lotus petals extend out of the linen and are made of HIPS plastic, which is hypoallergenic and stiff enough to create good massage intensity. They have smaller Pranamat pillows for targeted head or partial body massage, along with whole-body mats for the ultimate in-home massage experience. You can use them as needed for some relief when you’re feeling stressed or tense, or sleep with them on your bed to foster ultra relaxation of all your muscles. You can even place a Pranamat on your office chair to help give you more comfort and peace vibes during the day for a continual massage while you’re studying or answering emails and getting shit done.

Pranamat recommends starting with shorter sessions of just 5-10 minutes to start to get used to the tingling sensation and warmth that the lotus flowers can cause. Just learning how to relax into these sensations and then letting the massage mat do its magic! You also may want to wear thin cotton over whatever part of the body you want to relax if you have particularly sensitive skin or you’re just starting out. Or use it on a soft surface (couch, bed) instead of on a hard floor to help decrease the intensity of the massage pressure.

If you want to pick up a Pranamat pillow or full-body mat for yourself, we have an affiliate code for you! For up to $30 off, use the code UNICORNS10 on the Pranamat website here.

Have you tried out a Pranamat? Let us know below!

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