What to expect heading into this Sagittarius season

Happy Sagittarius season everyone! As we transition into this new season, get ready for that fire, open-minded, adventurous energy! Sagittarius is a mutable sign which encourages adaptation into new spaces -and we are here for it. I appreciate a lot of what scorpio season brings, but it is a breath of fresh air to be around energy that leaves lighthearted reminders to see the world with enthusiasm and excitement (and less heaviness). The Sagittarius symbol is based on Chiron from Greek mythology, whose wisdom and kindness paired with wild freedom is the root of the Sagittarius way. The past month I have noticed that I have been drawn to Sagittarius’ energy. They tend to exude the kind of strength that is confident, and inspiring.  Whatever your sign is, Sagittarius season will bring out illuminating opportunities if you choose to see them. It begins on November 22 and ends on December 22. Here are some things to be expecting this upcoming month.


5 things you may experience this Sagittarius season

  • A transition in energy from scorpio season
  • Scorpio season tends to foster a deep digging for truth especially as we experienced Jupiter in conjunction with Pluto on November 12. Just like Scorpio, Sagittarius invites us to diligently be truth seekers, only with a much more open intention. 

  • An optimistic outlook
  • Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and is the source of the zodiac’s optimism, joy and enthusiasm. This is the time to breathe easier and choose to view the world with a glass half full attitude. Know all will be well. 

  • Finding yourself with new curiosity about the world
  • While this isn’t the time to physically be traveling, we can look to this season as an opportunity to explore what is around us. To be more open-minded to people, possibilities, discussions and ideas that may have been closed off before. 

  • BOLD and BRAVE: Feeling more adventurous
  • This is the Sagittarius’ signature. You may find yourself taking more chances, so have fun with it! No apologies.

  • Inviting more unknowns 
  • We will see a solar eclipse during this season, on December 14, and it may probe some uncomfortable or unfamiliar perspectives. This is an opportunity to welcome what you were closed off to and go along for the ride. Who knows what new blessings it will bring.


    Ideas to fully embrace this Sagittarius season

    • Try a new hobby or activity: Read a book on an unfamiliar topic or take a virtual dance class. Learn a new language, maybe cook one new recipe every week. Explore something new!
    • Journal: Journaling is a great way to release your thoughts freely and play with new ideas. A perfect exercise this Sagittarius season. 
    • Go somewhere new:Since we are limited in places to go, switch up your routine. Instead of your usual running route, try a new hiking trail.  
    • Spread positivity: After the year 2020 has brought us, we all need that right now! With this newfound optimism, lets share the goodness Sagittarius season brings. 


    Want more about the Sagittarius sign?

    If you are Sagittarius born, or have loved ones whose birthday falls under the zodiac, read below to understand all things Sagittarius! As well as jump on our Sagittarius ritual box to get you through this season with a little TLC:


    Welcome to Sagittarius season, everyone! Happy birthday to all the Sagittarius readers out there, and happy new cycle for all those who are Sagittarius Rising and find this season transitioning them between their 12th house of spirituality as well as their 1st house of self. 

    Sagittarius is the sign of the Archer, and the constellation representing this energy is said to depict a centaur. Some scholars believe that this constellation was initially part of Sumerian mythology, representing the god Pabilsag, who was a god of war and hunting, with additional associations to healing and the divine judge. The Greeks adopted this constellation from the Sumerians, and several different legends exist surrounding it. Some say it represents Chiron, the wise centaur sage, teacher, healer, and mentor to many Greek heroes. I think there is a lot in the Chiron archetype that can help us to understand the properties of Sagittarius in its highest manifestation, so I’m going to focus on it a little here. 

    While most centaurs in Greek mythology were raucous and wild creatures, Chiron was said to be very distinct. He was the son of the Titan Cronos (connected to time, called Saturn by the Romans) and the nymph Philyra. Chiron was raised by Apollo and Artemis, however, and they taught him the arts of healing, music, astrology, and archery. Over time, he became one of the foremost mentors and tutors of many Greek heroes, including Achilles, Perseus, and Jason.  He was also a highly respected source of wisdom and prophecy. He became known, however, as the “wounded healer” (which is the epithet as well for the asteroid Chiron, a very important point to know in your natal chart), after an accident with Heracles, who accidentally shot Chiron with his arrows that had been dipped in the Hydra’s blood, and for which there was no cure. Chiron eventually exchanged his life for that of Prometheus and was immortalized as a constellation. 

    The mythology of Chiron represents some core principles of the highest manifestations of Sagittarius that I want to highlight. Sagittarius is the sign of higher wisdom, of the arrow continually aiming upwards towards the sky and towards new knowledge, new connections, and the pursuit of all that is currently unknown. The Sagittarius archetype revels in the pursuit of new knowledge, in learning and integrating this wisdom into their life to help them continue to advance into a more fulfilled way of being. And then, upon accumulating this wisdom, the Sagittarius archetype looks to share it with others, to become the sage or the wise one, hoping not for acclaim and praise, but out of a true dedication to the dissemination of knowledge and to help others grow and advance in their own lives. The Sagittarius archetype then, similarly to Chiron, can be very selfless in its highest manifestation, driven to explore, learn, and follow that spark of knowledge and share it outwards. This is the most beautiful ripple effect of Sagittarius, the wise one who brings down the highest wisdom from the heavens (from the Sun-Apollo and the Moon-Artemis), and ensures it goes out into the world. 

    This is where we can also deeply feel the medicine of the tarot card connected to Sagittarius - Temperance. This card is a beautiful symbol of the balance between the cosmic heavens and the grounded earth. Through Temperance, we learn how to integrate all the higher wisdom that comes through us and utilize it to manifest our abundance from our dreams. We have one foot in the heavenly world and one foot in the physical world, and we bring those together through us in alchemy. This alchemical process gives us the power of beautiful transformation and integration, and we have the ability to utilize this for the greatest good of all those who come to us for wisdom and connection. This is the highest aspect of Sagittarius in its most divine manifestation. 

    Moreover, Sagittarius has another aspect that is equally as important for how we can utilize this energy in our daily lives. Sagittarius is the third of the Fire signs of the zodiac, so it is the most collectively-minded of all the Fire signs. It is also the only Mutable Fire sign, as it leads us to bridge Fall and Winter. What does this all mean in relation to how these energies manifest and exist in our lives? The Mutable Fire energy of Sagittarius gives this sign a strongly adventurous and freedom-loving aspect. Sagittarius is the sign of The Quest, of the exploration for expansion that cannot be tamed or held within boundaries; the need to learn more, to fill up the cup with new energy and excitement, the inability to be tied down, the desire to run wild across the plains. The Fire element gives Sagittarius all its passion, its zest for life, its soul-centered expression, its joyousness when encountering all the possibilities of what can be, its ability to get swept off its feet by something new and go running forth without even making sure shoelaces are tied. The Fire also gives Sagittarius its impatience and irritability when anything tries to constrain it, the passion that explodes out onto the world’s stage, the temper that can ignite in a flash. The Mutable energy of Sagittarius keeps it continually changing, looking for more, filling itself with new ideas, not content to sit in one place, with a constant energy and need to go and fill itself with every possibility. In addition, when unbalanced, the Mutable energy can leave Sagittarius scattered, overwhelmed, frazzled, and stressed out. 

    Sagittarius can evolve into its highest expansion when it connects with its polar sign of Gemini. Both Gemini and Sagittarius desire the pursuit of learning and opening their minds to all that can be. Through Gemini, Sagittarius can learn how to best communicate what it has learned and how to share without potentially overwhelming people with information. Gemini can also teach Sagittarius how to bring in balance and duality, as Sagittarius can get so focused on the goal of the arrow that they forget to see the various aspects of their life. 

    Although I talked a lot about Chiron in the start of this post, the ruling planet for Sagittarius is Jupiter. The great benefactor, the great opportunist, the planet that brings us into alignment with all possibilities of what may be. Jupiter is such an expansive energy that asks us to let go of our expectations of what should be and instead feel free to roll with the possibilities and accept the opportunities that come our way. That’s why the tarot card associated with Jupiter is the Wheel of Fortune - the card that asks us to let go of control, to spin ourselves on the wheel, to open ourselves up to the freedom of the unknown future with all the paths that can come. Having Jupiter as Sagittarius’ ruling planet helps us to understand this sign even more. Sagittarius needs freedom, this sign needs opportunity, needs the adventure and expansion that comes from being able to move where the wind blows. And when Sagittarius just flows, then so often they will come across amazing opportunity without even having known that it could happen (Jupiter at work!). When Sagittarius sets off on its journey, following its passion and the beat of its own soul-drum, then the right road just opens up before it and the right connections happen.  They will get to celebrate life with joy and delight in the fullest expression of living and savoring every moment. This kind of Sagittarius energy won’t even blink twice about waking up one morning and jumping onto a plane to a foreign country just because someone invited them to an adventure! We’ve had Jupiter in Sagittarius since November 8, 2018, and it will move into Capricorn on December, 2, 2019, just over a week into Sagittarius season. Having Jupiter in Sagittarius has really highlighted the good luck and good vibes of both this planet and this sign, especially helping us to see opportunity and expand in the Sagittarius-ruled area(s) of our charts. 





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