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Seattle Pop-Up Shop Takeover

I can’t even remember how we started talking about visiting Seattle, but it was our Instagram friend Holly who actually came up with the idea for us to do a pop-up shop up there.  I have been to Seattle a couple times, but Sam never had, so we figured it would be a fun adventure for us.  We’d never done a pop up other than the ones in our local area so it was a whole new concept for us.

Holly Cline Skincare was so awesome to us and planned everything! Holly Cline has been working in the beauty industry for 20 years and is continuously educating herself in fashion, makeup and aesthetics. She began her career as a hairstylist after graduating from Pittsburgh Beauty Academy’s cosmetology program in her hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. Shortly after she moved to the west coast where she has lived in both Seattle, Wa and Los Angeles, CA.

In April 2013 Holly opened her own spa in the beautiful Queen Anne neighborhood in Seattle, WA and loves the freedom of having her own business. Her passion for nutrition and organic ingredients is evident in the Dr Alkaitis line she has chosen to work with exclusively. Holly also has a great love for creating elegant and calming interior spaces which her clients enjoy firsthand while relaxing in her beautiful spa.

“Holly Cline Skincare is proud to be the first spa in Seattle, WA to offer Dr Alkaitis facials as a service! After years of research I’ve finally found a product line with organic ingredients and principles that match what I believe in. I learned early in my career that we are exposed to hundreds of chemicals daily through our skin care products and makeup. Many of which are absorbed into our bloodstream. This is why I insist on using only organic products, free of chemicals and GMO’s. I am extremely passionate and dedicated to the health and beauty of your skin.” – Holly Cline, Owner, Aesthetician.

We made it up to Seattle and the first thing we both noticed of course is how beautiful all of the trees are.  In Southern California we don’t have traditional season changes, so the rainbow of colors on the leaves is just stunning, and they are everywhere!

We packed the first day full of adventure, starting of course with Pike’s Place Market.  If you have never been there, it is somewhere between and open air farmers market and a small business shopping mall.  Holly took us to her favorite apothecary and crystal shop, Tenzing MoMo which is the oldest one on the West Coast.  And I (Sam) feel immediately in love! I ended up buying some Sweet Grass, which I have been eager to get my hands on! Sweet grass is used in prayer, smudging or purifying ceremonies and consider it a sacred plant. It is usually braided, dried, and burned. Sweetgrass braids smolder and doesn’t produce an open flame when burned. Just as the sweet scent of this natural grass is attractive and used attract positive energies. I also got some really good essential oils that were designed just for my zodiac sign and for the first time in my life I kept getting hints and nudges to look more into the Goddess ISIS… I ended up getting some ISIS incense and oils. Every since I got back I have been praying to her every since. Blog post on her will be coming soon.

We looked around at all of the various shops and stopped in at a little restaurant that overlooks the harbor.  And a trip to Pike’s wouldn’t be the same without buying some of the fresh flower bouquets.  It actually turned into a bit of a joke since we ended up going to several bars after the market and I was carrying around my ‘Cabbage Patch Kids’ everywhere.  We ventured to a few bars including Cha Cha, an awesome dive bar, and a chic mexican restaurant, but the highlight was obviously Cannon.

Cannon is a high end bar that prides itself of creative and interesting craft cocktails.  Not only are all of the drinks eclectic in their flavors, but they also come in a variety of cups including a smoking pipe, a copper gnome, and more.  The walls are all completely lined with bottles of alcohol to the point that even the restrooms are full of them.


The next morning we went to a cute little breakfast spot but we were all struggling a little bit to get going, so we decided it was time for some fresh air and champagne.  We stopped by the store and grabbed some bottles and cups and headed to the amazing Kerry Park which overlooks the entire city it seems.  Later in the day we ventured over to Bainbridge Island on the ferry, hit up a few dive bars, and finally headed over to check out the location of our big event, Sushi Samurai in Queen Anne.  They were just closing up, so we got a chance to meet the brothers who own it and hangout with them for a few rounds of sake. : )

The next day was just magical!  Ourselves, Holly, and friend Christina Sutra all setup for an incredible day of meeting new people and getting to introduce our products.  We might often make fun of Instagram, but it really is an awesome way to meet people.  While we hadn’t officially met ANY of the people we met up with in person before this trip, it felt like they were already family.  Not only did we get to meet many of them during the day at the event, but one of our long time insta friends Lauren made us an amazing vegan soup dinner.

The following day we ventured out with all of our new friends for brunch and some shenanigans.  We had and awesome breakfast and then went over to the Queen Anne Beer Hall which definitely had an Oktoberfest vibe to it.  We later went over to Ballard for more fun and adventures.  It was so amazing getting to hangout with everyone.

On our final full day in the Northwest, we hopped in the car and drove up to Vancouver for the day.  Whenever I’m in Seattle it is a must stop for me because I just love Stanley Park so much.  Vancouver is an incredible melting pot of people.  It is a big city, but so homey at the same time.  Just north of the city is this amazing place, Stanley Park.  It’s like if you took New York’s Central Park, doubled it, put a forest in it, and then dropped it along the oceanfront.  It was cold and pouring rain but that didn’t stop us from walking around as much as possible.  We could both just stay there for hours and hours.