Self Love First, Babe!

Ritual: It’s time to choose yourself. Carve out time where you can tune out the noise and chaos of day-to-day life (and this past year), maybe turn on some music that reminds you of the warrior that you are or that inspires you to appreciate who you are fully. Switch on that “do not disturb” toggle on your phone and get ready to bask in a complete self love ritual.

A Whole Mood: Self-Love

First things first-Make yourself a cup of relaxingMasala Chai Tea.When you hear the whistle of the tea kettle and turn off the stove, let it remind you that it's time to switch off any lingering running thoughts. Pour hot water over the heavenly smell of cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg spices, take a deep breath and give yourself a quick thank you for taking this time to yourself.

Draw a warm bath and pour in relaxingCBD Bath Soak, full of minerals and 500 mg of cbd powder- a savior to help with any aches and pains. Enjoy the soft floral jasmine notes or calming restorative lavender aromas. Find the surprise crystal hidden inside and before stepping in, set your intention or choose affirmations for the rest of your ritual. 


Also, don’t forget to light...

  • AVanilla Coconut Candle to create an atmosphere of paradise for yourself. The smell of pure, eco-friendly coconut soy wax and essential oils, sound of the crackling wick in a real Thailand coconut shell will invoke full release into relaxation.

  • Sage is an absolute must for all self-care rituals. Burning rose sage brings spiritual cleansing to any negativity clouding your aura-which hinders self-love. Once you light it, close your eyes and let yourself be intuitively guided to purge any bad energy and purify your space. 

  • Incense to stimulate awareness of what you want to attract. One of the best ways you can care for yourself is to give presence and attentiveness to what you desire and choose for yourself. Align yourself to higher vibrations-the final piece for creating an atmosphere with purpose.

From Head to Toe: Full Body Self-Care 

Our skin puts up with a lot of harsh chemicals which instigates acne and dirty pores.Use Modern Skyn After Glow Cleansing Oil Face Wash to start clearing the residue trapped in those pores. No water needed before application- just rub a small amount about the size of a quarter and lather into a milky substance. Use either a Modern Skyn Alchemy face cloth or rinse with water to finish and your skin will thank you for its light, refreshed feeling.

Remove any leftover eye or face make up with our gentleMakeup Remover Towel.Just a little water on the cleansing cloth will wipe away makeup chemicals and reveal your beautiful, natural self. 

In addition to dirt and chemicals, stress can frustratingly increase acne. TheIndian Clay Mask Powder found in the December ritual box is the secret to tending to inflamed, acne prone and oily skin. Undo the toxins in your skin by spooning out the powder, mix with water or apple cider vinegar, and paint your face with the applicator brush for a soothing, detoxifying face mask. 

Your skin deserves the absolute best, down to every last part of your skincare routine. Use ourLemongrass Body PolishandLavender Body Polish (don’t forget the crystal!) as a shaving cream. It’s all natural ingredients rejuvenate and revive the skin with deep exfoliation and hydration with pink Himalayan salt, sweet almond, and coconut oil.  

One way to be a little kinder to your whole self is by trading out harsh mouthwash for 10 minutes of swishing just 1 tsp of naturalPeppermint Coconut Oil Pulling to wipe out harmful toxins and parasites. (Just make sure you do not gargle or swallow-spit the liquid out into a trashcan.) For more about the benefits of oil pulling, readOil Pulling Benefits.

Keep up the love and mist Lavender Flower Face Toner all over the face to help hydrate and tighten your pores.Make sure to apply toner before any moisturizers to really balance and clear up your complexion. 

The Hydrating Sheet Mask is the perfect follow up after showering your skin with care. Cover your face with the sheet to keep nourishing and firming the skin, then remove, and let yourself glow!

After you've spent some time intentionally aligning the lower chakras, seal in clarity and higher wisdom for yourself and apply Third-Eye Chakra Body Oil on your whole body. Use the blue tansy and jasmine body oil after the cbd bath to leave your skin ultra-hydrated and perfectly smooth. 

Replenish and nourish your hair by using theHeart Chakra Ritual Body Oil as a hair mask. Apply evenly throughout scalp and ends of your hair and surrender in self love with the Hair Drying Towel.

Setting Intentions

There is no such thing as bad ideas in your self-love ritual. When it is time to bring it to an end, write down in yourJournal what you have solidified within your authentic, loveable self. 

Choose stones that align with your intentions and create aCrystal grid to spark the flow of energy to manifest them into reality.