The June Cancer Self-Love Ritual Box Ships 6/15.

Soul Drops Microdosing

With just 3 drops per day, SOL empowers you to feel better, more balanced, connected, energetic and focused. I have been loving this blend as I have found that it raises my vibrations, brings positive energy to the day, supports clarity, connectedness & calmness. Best used before work or during meditation. 

The collection consists of sacred plant tinctures intended for use to achieve balance in mind, body, and spirit. Each tincture is formulated for a specific intention, ranging from energy activation, creative stimulation, brain clarity, and the integration of the intentions and benefits desired. Use promo code "UNICORNS" at checkout to save 10%.

My personal favorite is MIND. With only one dropper per day, MIND drops empower you to feel more focused, energetic, balanced connected, and integrated. Made with Spring water, gotu kola, brahmi, golden root. I love keeping this on my desks and taking 1-2 droppers before I start my work. It can take a few weeks to feel the effects but this has made its way to be one of my favorite tinctures. 

• Boosts information retention

• Helps heighten concentration

• Empowers increased mental performance

• Promotes calm focus with a sense of serenity