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How I Got Into Tarot

I never wanted to be a "tarot” card reader, the cards never fascinated me. My sister gifted me a deck one year for my birthday, that was used and belonged to a quite famous astrologer. One of the best and old school decks in my opinion. They sat in my closet for years until one night they caught my attention and I started to play around with them. The tiny little paper the deck came with did not help me at all. The cards are truly another language. I needed and wanted a dictionary book to help me understand the meaning of each card. Until then, I never took them seriously. A few years later I went to England with my family, we visited a bunch of very small towns in England, one of them being Glastonbury (picture to the right) for just a day - and it was the most magical place I have been to yet. Where King Arthur died and every little store was some type of mystical, crystal, vegan, high vibrational store (I remember on the plane ride over to London, I set the intention that I really wanted to find a book to help me understand these cards, then I let it go). I walked into a little mystical book crystal store on the corner, it was messy, filled with interesting trinkets and books on shelves piled high to the ceiling. I asked the owner at the register if he had a book for the OG Thoth Tarot deck and he immediately said no. I thought oh well, and as I was walking out I ran my fingers across a shelf of books, pulled only one out and I shit you not, it was the exact book that I was looking for 😹 I couldn’t believe it. I spent the entire airplay ride home playing around with the book and the deck and was fascinated by the messages of each card. Since that day, Tarot and the science behind it became clear to me. The cards have their own energy. 

There is a science behind Tarot, they are not meant to tell you your fortune or future. The most powerful sources of information come from within and the Tarot aids in coming in contact with one’s higher self. You don’t have to be a psychic to do a tarot reading. The deck works on your aura since each and every particle of this universe has a vibration of its own, so do humans. Tarot simply catches that aura and the tarots aura and pick up the cards that reflect your current situation. Tarot is a set of 78 cards each with a number of images expressing certain life lessons, feelings, emotions, situations, stories, opportunities, challenges, and possible solutions that each soul experiences over lifetimes during this earth school. As like attracts like, so does like Tarot shall be picked up by you. Most importantly you are not picking up the card, rather picking up the emotion, feeling, etc. A deck - or a Tarot reading - is not going to heal you or fix you. It is simply a tool to connect to your highest self and help you figure out the answers to your own questions. I think it's annoying when people think spiritual tools are going to harm them or heal them and then get upset when the results are not immediate. Well duh, no one has the authority or the power to heal or fix any part of you. But we have access to tools and light-workers who have energetic gifts to help rely the messages you are searching for or clarity on topics that can help current life situations and developing one's own gifts and practices, on their journey. 

WE ARE EACH SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for our own individual healing, growth and parenting our own selfs. No priest or church has the authority to heal you or grant you access to “heaven.” So I would be wary of going to any type of healer who promises to “heal” you. Only you have the power to heal yourself. But there definitely are tools that are here to help give insights. The cards for me have been a fascinating and fun way to help me understand situations, answer my own questions and help others gain clarity to their own as well! Click here if you are interested in learning more and reading some testimonials.

Carl Jung the psychologist conceived the concept of “The Collective Unconscious” which we all share. He also conceived the idea that events can be connected by “Synchronicity” which is a function of the Collective Unconscious that is similar to Coincidence but connects events by Meaning rather than objective observation. So we give meanings to Tarot cards (and other methods of divination) and create an event by asking a question and dealing the cards at random. We need to understand what Coincidence is, as well as Synchronicity to see the difference."

Before I figured out which was the best way to pull and draw them, some days I draw only 1 card. Some days 3. When I want a full-on self-reading, I follow the layout of how I very first intuitively learned. Which follows 5 sets of cards in pairs of 3, representing:

Cards 1 – the person who seeks and the nature of the problem and its main influences.  A court card (knight, queen, prince, princess) = dominant individual or influence

Cards 2 & 3 – the main cards describing the nature of the situation and the personality of the one who seeks.

Cards 13, 9, 5 + 4, 8, 12 ( the upper right and left pairs) – represent two potentials for the future. They may complement each other, in which the cards on left = development of the right. If they are in conflict, the cards on the right may be considered the direction of the one who seeks, life will naturally flow unless action is taken to change its course. The cards on the left will be possibilities of alternative action.

Cards 6,10,14 – assist the one in making whatever decision may be necessary. The implications of the issue.

"I've had my cards read by a few different people. Not everyone has the gift as they say...or maybe haven't figured out how to work it yet. A few minutes in and she was speaking all my thoughts as if she was in my mind. Talking about my surroundings as if she lived with me herself. She clarified sooo much for me that was way needed in this point of time in my life. The best part of it all was that she is willing to keep future contact with you even if it's a simple question you may have. Sam, you are using your gift to help others and although I was nervous and doing my best not to sound like a Justin Bieber fan over the phone, I want to thank you a million times _٪ even though that may not even come close to thanking you for what you do." - Ali, Session Testimonial

So this is how I started out practicing.. now that I have developed my personal energetic channeling and gifts more, I may only pick a few cards and then speak on the messages that come through to me.  In my own words and opinions, tarot cards represent the parts of life and the journey one takes during stages of life. “Tarot is a very interesting subject because it deals with naturally occurring archetypes and experiences which we all go through in our human lives. By understanding these ideas and images, we learn to intuitively tap into deeper parts of ourselves, and learn to connect with others in more meaningful ways as well. ” Which can offer extremely valuable insights, lessons, and advice. The more I got to understand the cards, I started pulling 1, 2 or 3 randomly, depending on my mood and allowing the cards to offer me advice. Most times I was completely blown away. Even would start busting out into laughter and the synchronicities, I really couldn’t believe the accuracy of how these cards were relating to my life.

When I let myself allow the cards to give me a message, I found myself with a peace of mind, stillness, and calmness. When I was anxious, emotional or sad, I would draw a card and smile at the exact message that I needed to hear in that exact moment.

So my advice to you is to click play and watch the video below. If you can relate to it or feel drawn to it, consider getting your own deck and allowing your own self and the cards to send you messages, that may help you tremendously on your path. I now enjoying reading cards for my family and friends and seeing the look on their face when the message is something that they can completely and utterly relate to.

A quick 10-minute video, I highly recommend watching for those interested to learn just exactly what are “Tarot” cards and what exactly Card readers do.

Tarot is a very interesting subject because it deals with naturally occurring archetypes and experiences which we all go through in our human lives. By understanding these ideas and images, we learn to intuitively tap into deeper parts of ourselves, and learn to connect with others in more meaningful ways as well. The purpose of Tarot is not to replace the intuition and singularity of the heart, but to support the conscious mind in making more connections with the heart – as most of us are aware, the thinking mind can often get very overwhelmed with too many thoughts exploding all at once; Tarot offers another avenue by which we may pause and reflect on ourselves and our lives, to make choices based on more whole and complete reflection and contemplation first. One of the best methods for using Tarot is in tandem with Meditation; once you draw a card, you can spend time in meditation reflecting upon the meaning therein to draw deeper understanding to your awareness.