The Great Conjunction and The Geomagnetic Storm

The year is wrapping up with a recap of events no one could have foreseen.  Natural disasters, political warfare, revolutionaries, even a pandemic that shook the entire world and shifted life to an unfamiliar lens.  Everyone is on their toes, counting the days before January 1st, 2021.  We’re ready to put this year behind us and move onto better days; but, if you’ve learned anything from this rollercoaster of a year, it’s to expect the unexpected.  2020 isn’t going to leave without a bang, and I’m here to tell you what’s in store for us the rest of December. 

The Geomagnetic Storm

On November 29th, the sun produced a solar flare larger than any others recorded in the last 3 years.  This event created an intense geomagnetic storm here on earth, affecting our planet’s magnetic field and sending a shock wave throughout our world.  Geomagnetic storms are strong enough to jam radio signals, disrupt electronic frequencies, and stall our devices. Additionally, geomagnetic storms not only affect our devices, but also living organisms.  It’s been recorded that a solar storm can raise blood pressure, increase agitation and adrenaline, decrease energy levels, and cause migratory animals to wander off their normal paths.  So, if you’ve been feeling moody, anxious oroff, here’s your explanation.  Although, it doesn’t sound too good, it isn’t all bad.  Because of the magnetic disturbance, some of us will be able to see the Northern Lights where we normally wouldn’t.  

How to Make it Through 

The sun is currently in a maximum solar transition, where solar flares are an increased possibility.  Without a specific day in which everything will go back to normal, all you can do is wait and roll with the punches the best you can.  Here are a few ways you can prepare and wait out the storm.


During this strange period, you’re likely to experience increased agitation and irritability.  In order to control your feelings, unnecessary stress, and reactions, challenge yourself to begin meditating every day, in whatever form fits you the best.  Meditation is not just sitting cross-legged on a mat chanting a mantra.  Meditation can be anything that relaxes you and allows you to come back tothis moment.  Some examples of meditation are: going for a walk, reading a book, coloring, looking outside, enjoying your favorite drink, stretching, with many other things to choose from.  Everyone has a different form of meditation that fits them and their needs.  Find yours, and practice it everyday to keep peace in your mind and heaviness out of your heart.


In addition to meditation, understand that others will be feeling these ways as well.  So, when you go into the supermarket and the cashier doesn’t say hello, or your friend doesn’t respond, or that person was mean; remember to remain patient with others.  It will be challenging, but responses are better than reactions; and sometimes neither are necessary. 


Keeping yourself well hydrated will give you an upper hand during the storm.  Whatever you experience whether emotional or physical, having enough water circulating in your system will make it easier for you to adjust and transition to the new energies you find yourself surrounded by.


Making an effort to exercise forat least 30 minutes a day will keep your body energized and your muscles stimulated. This will allow your blood flow to increase, it’ll open up your lungs and make your body stronger.  What’s cooler than benefiting from a geomagnetic storm?

The Great Conjunction

You might have thought that 2020 would give us one gift this year and leave quietly.  How mistaken we all were.  Not only are we going to be dealing with a magnetic storm, but a planetary alignment that only happens once every 20 years, will be occurring on the night of this year’s winter solstice.  However, a planetary alignment of this degree has not taken place since the 1600’s, and it’s quite the coincidence that such an event would take place in the year 2020.  The yeareverything took place.  It’s no surprise that we will be having an incredible planetary alignment that is supposed to create something of a “Christmas Star”.  Since the two planet’s coordinates will be 0.1 off, it is quite likely that the planet’s light will join together creating a very bright and pronounced “star” in the night sky for all of us to see.

What to Expect

With each passing night, you’ll notice that just after dark, Saturn and Jupiter will be getting closer together.  On the evening of the winter solstice, each planet will line up with earth in their respective orbits and create a bright “star” in the sky.  In order to experience this celestial phenomenon, all you’ll need to do is step outside on the evening of December 21st, about 45 minutes after sunset, and the planets should be easily identifiable.  If you want to experience it in all its glory, it’s a great idea to drive away from any city lights that may be drowning out the stars.  Once you’ve reached a darker area, you’ll notice that the planets illuminate the night sky.  If you’re a photographer, photographing the planets on this night will be particularly interesting.  As you will be able to see Saturn and the rings of Jupiter in the same lens frame.

What Does this Mean for Me

If you’re a little more intune with your astrological side, you’ll know that a phenomenon such as this would not go unnoticed to those of you with a keen sense for energy.  Jupiter and Saturn have last been recorded this close in the 1600’s, although, this planetary alignment has not happened in the age of Aquarius since the 1400’s.Jupiter and Saturn are the two largest planets in the solar system, representing the expansion of horizons and the restriction of boundaries. Jupiter will expand and disciplined Saturn will restrict.  When they combine their formidable forces, they make a paradoxical power couple.  This will be the first time these two cosmic giants will be meeting this closely since the 1400’s, in the innovative, open-minded air sign Aquarius — and this connection will inspire rebellion, unconventional thinking, and brighter visions for the collective.  Throughout 2020, we've been dealing with the intensity of having both Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn, right alongside Pluto — which has served up a whole lot of Capricorn's rule-oriented, structured, and authoritarian energy.  But, I have good news for you when I say that as these planets move into the age of Aquarius, they'll usher in a new age of freedom and life.

In the end, we’ve all handled 2020 differently, and we’ve all experienced different things.  Although, I know when I say that things are starting to look up for 2021, I’m not the only one relieved.  So, take the rest of the year slow and enjoy the undeniable beauty the world has to offer amidst it’s chaos.  Remember that if you feel off, it’s probably because quite a few phenomena have been happening, and they’re probably not close to stopping.  Enjoy the rest of your 2020, and may 2021 bring you everything 2020 didn’t.