The Most Commented Sign...Taurus

Written By Samantha Strom - April 30 2018


Ngoc Ngo
July 08 2019

Love this!!! I’m a Taurus Rising, Cancer Sun. Write about Sagittarius Moon and Gemini in Venus please. Love you boo ????

Holly Cline
July 08 2019

Love this post ladies! I was so happy my sign Taurus was chosen! I relate to many of the things listed. But what stood out most for me was loyalty, which is something so important to me, in friendships, love, work, you name it. I also totally relate to the love of beauty and sense of touch! Well, it’s a no brainer then, that I became an aesthetician! ???? I am so sensitive to beauty. I obsess over the finest details to maximize beauty in everything. Not just in skin and my profession but in my everyday surroundings. Which is why I I also love interior design. And being an earth sign I am instantly drawn to things from the earth and nature. Which is why I insist on eating organic and using organic ingredients and also why I’m so drawn to all of your beautiful crystals and the lovely products you produce! So happy I found you! I love you ladies and your beautiful energy! Thanks for such a fun post! ♉️

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