Virgo Full Moon

The last full moon of the Astrological year and of the Winter season, rises in Virgo on February 27 at 3:17 a.m. EST. The Full Snow Moon will bring a calming and soothing tonic, and a way to end the month of February, when we witnessed some rare cosmic events. With this full moon residing in Virgo, we will be reminded that everything is in its rightful place. That we are standing where we are supposed to be. The Virgo full moon is opposite Pisces, Virgo’s sister sign thereupon promoting a time for balance.

February was an eventful month with the Aquarius Stellium, where Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn lined up in the sign of Aquarius along with the Sun and Moon.In turn, that may have caused a lot of excitement and drama mid-month, a need for abrupt change, and a shift in perspective. For the most of the Stellium, Mercury was in retrograde causing some indecisiveness than usual and confusion when it comes to confronting things. And as the Stellium weakens, we find ourselves back to where we were. With the Virgo Full Moon, it is a time to sail on calmer waters.

As we head to a new cycle of the Astrological year, we are ending the current one with Virgo’s organized trait and meticulousness, which might just be the end-of-winter push that you need. As the moon peaks in this moon phase, we are bound to have our eyes open to what we have previously disregarded or to things we really don’t know about. The moon shall illuminate and unveil what needs to come to the surface, and these might come up before the Moon peaks. These exposed flaws are magnified, and could even be exaggerated, in the eyes of the detail-oriented Virgo. This energy will enable us to see what needs to be corrected to bring out the very best in us.

The Snow Full Moon reminds you to connect with your inner and higher self, to pay attention to your body’s needs, and return to what your hearts are whispering,and follow it while making sure that your feet stay on the ground. While a calm moon, this might cause you to be a bit too hyper-critical and find yourself overthinking about the imperfections of life. You have to watch-out for this and try to be more tolerant and accepting of the things that we cannot change or have no control over. Trust that life will run its course, and in its own way.




​As the Moon occurs in your sixth house, highlighting job, workplace, career. It shows an ending of a current project and that a reward or recognition is just around the corner. Your characteristics of being very optimistic and hardworking are bearing good fruit.

Your full-moon self-care tip: Check in on your goals and do not let the praise and credit get into your head. Loosen up a bit, stop, breathe, and let some things unfold in front of you first. Now that you have finished a project, take the time to rest a bit to be able to think of steps you need to take in order to move forward.



​The Full moon in the fifth house of romance, self-expression, and joy; Taurus is more likely to face success in different relationships, may it be rekindling an old flame or strengthening a new one. A creative project is on the horizon.

Your full-moon self-care tip: Embrace Virgo’s ability to see through the smallest details in order to improve more on these relationships and to be organized. Channel this detailed perspective at things to see things clearly.



​In the fourth house of Home, Family, Self-care, and foundations, we are seeing new beginnings and looking at the past to fix things up. SInce it focuses on home and family, one might find themselves to be in a good position at home 

Your full-moon self-care tip: Look back and learn from the things you have learned from the past and let go of past grudges that might have caused any issue between you and a family member. Empower yourself through past experience and embrace home.



​Full moon in the third house of communication, mind, siblings, social activity, and transportation. 

Your full-moon self-care tip: Tell your loved ones how much you appreciate them.



​Occurs in the second house affecting Money, Value, Income. This full moon is bringing in a lot of positivity in all of the Zodiacs and the same goes for you, financially. You did an incredible job and your risk paid off!

Your full-moon self-care tip: Keep on having faith and confidence in yourself. When you have these, you can literally overcome anything. Trust your judgment and keep on going!



​In the first house of Self, Physical Body, Beginnings. Virgos will have this very in-depth look at themselves and evaluate and create changes for better health. Virgos are to start making huge changes in their lifestyles pertaining to health.

Your full-moon self-care tip: Plan and stick to it. Be clear with the lifestyle goals that you have, what kind of lifestyle change you would like to make, and learn how you’re best to do it. Because Virgos are known to be self-determined when it comes to reaching goals, you’ll be there in no time!



​Full moon happening in the 12th house of limiting belief, healing, spirituality, and closure. Libras can be ending some introspection, thereby healing themselves and connecting to their inner spirituality. And being able to let go of relationships that no longer serve you and your purpose. 

Your full-moon self-care tip: You will do great and keep on reflecting on the things that you have learned from the past and how it will make you a better person, and create a better community for you and for other people.



​The full moon will occur in the 11th house affecting groups, friends, technology, wishes, and the future. Scorpios might be bringing in some big news about their future in terms of relationships like communities or romantically. You will strongly feel that you found where you belong.

Your full-moon self-care tip: Take care of yourself as much as you take care of people and your relationships. Allow yourself to enjoy the rewards of life. This can be a great time for you to spend some fun time with people closest to you.



​News centering public image, aspirations, and career achievements are what Sagittarians can expect as the full moon highlights the 10th House.  There will be changes in one’s career, positive ones that you might have been working on. Things will come out fruitfully! There is balance in terms of work and life!

Your full-moon self-care tip: As you continue to flourish in your chosen career, practice looking into things with a new perspective. As an adventurous Sagittarian, you might sometimes find yourself quickly jumping from one to another, this time, take your time and stay a little while.



​In the Ninth House of Capricorn, the full moon in this house affects Foreign lands, foreign affairs, philosophy, and creativity. Creative Capricorns will be experiencing some great news, great launch in terms of creative projects.

Your full-moon self-care tip: Stay in your creative zone and keep on exploring new things that will enrich yourself. Read a new book, listen to a new podcast, watch a foreign movie, do something that you think will help you have a completely different perspective from the ones you have now.



​The full moon for Aquarius will affect the Eighth House of merging, partner’s resources, property, joint ventures, shared finances, and home. Aquarians can face a positive change in terms of finances, something that you might have been working on or expecting to happen, is now going to manifest itself.

Your full-moon self-care tip: Hang in there and keep the faith. The Universe never fails to provide and always keeps us in check! Manage your finances well, perhaps keep track of your expenses, or when a lump sum comes, plan on where you’re going to use it or invest it. Be smart and wise.



​For Pisces, the full moon will occur on the Seventh House, affecting relationships, marriage, contracts, sharing, equality. Pisceans might face agreements and deeper commitments in terms of relationships, both personal and business relationships. Big news on these that you will be sharing to people closest to you. Contracts might be presented and agreements signed.

Your full-moon self-care tip: Do your best to communicate effectively. Because this will be bringing a lot of new things, relationship-wise. It will be a good thing to work on your communication and to be careful when it comes to coming to agreements.


The Full Moon in Virgo brings a whole lot of good things, which is undeniably a great way to wrap the Astrological Year