The June Cancer Self-Love Ritual Box Ships 6/15.

Order a Custom Pendant

Wearing a crystal is an amazing way to work with it and have the energy to stay with you. With all Crystal healing, it’s not a magic pill, it is about your intention and what you are choosing to bring to the light to heal within yourself. Crystal energy is long term and multidimensional. If you are interested in placing an order for a custom pendant made and Intentionally hand chosen and wire wrapped for you, click the link in bio and provide us your

  1. Your full date of birth
  2. Your time of birth
  3. Your location, city of birth 
  4. Any current life situations you are going through
  5. Your Signature via initials ex. (S.S) – signing that you are committing to this piece. Once info is submitted I will begin intuitively choose a custom piece designated just for you. Each reading takes 1-2 hours, and can take up to a week to complete if wire wrapped by one of our girls. So thank you for your patience! You will be expected to pay your invoice the day you receive your email back. 

Prices range from $100 – 350 depending on-chain and wire wrapped precision (silver plated, vegan leather, 925 sterling silver, rose gold, 24k gold) and meditatively chosen. Once you email us we will open the healing portal and begin your custom order. You may also receive a mini reading on why the stone has chosen you and its qualities. If you are on a set budget for this piece – please let us know in your email. After submitting an email you are 100% committing to a purchase, there will be a $50 cancellation if you decide not to go through with purchase, although this has never happened before.