Chasin’ Unicorns Holiday Gift Guide

WOW!!! We cannot believe it is already the holidays!! We thought we’d put together a little wish list of our own, should any of you feel the need to buy us presents.  Just Kidding!!! Here is a handful of items we are loving, but you can always take a look at our faves on our ‘Products We Love‘ page throughout the year.


Have a bit of fun this holiday season by rocking a new look! The best part about our girl Tessa’s new wig line is that you don’t have to kill your hair to change it up.  Check out the ‘Savage Girlfriend’ at Lit Unicorns.


Clear Quartz is known as a universal healer and has many metaphysical properties, which makes it the perfect gift for anyone on your list.


Pre wrapped crystal bath bomb set of 6. Buy a bundle and save + let us do the wrapping for you. Give the gift of self care.


Do you want to truly give a gift they will never forget? Hook them up with a complete bath or shower set! Gift wrap and customizable at checkout.


With all the artificial lighting and screen time we experience in a day, we could all use a pair of TrueDark glasses. Use promo code “UNICORNS” at checkout.


Give the gift of Mother Earth with Organic Olivia’s herbal tinctures! We recommend the Peace Juice!


Chasin’ Unicorns best selling Crystal Body Polish – in shower and in bath aura cleanser, dead skin exfoliant and ultra moisturizer. Trust us folks, once you shower with this. You will never go with out it.


Chasin’ Unicorns best selling Unicorn Whipped Crystal Body Butter – a fluffy cloud of organic skin moisturizer. The best on the market. is what the reviewers are saying.


Winter can be a stressful time with all the holiday parties and family gatherings. ThoughtCloud CBD Oil reduces anxiety, so you can fully enjoy the holiday season! Use promo code “UNICORNS” at checkout.

a birds moon candle22

Candles are always a good idea, and A Bird’s Moon hand poured 100% soy candles are the perfect candles for the perfect gift!

matcha 9

Whether you’re trying to ditch your coffee habit or simply matcha obsessed, Healing Butterfly Matcha will give you the energy boost you need to get through the day! Use promo code “UNICORN-20” at checkout.


Ultimate relaxation is what you get with our Fruity Pebbles CBD Bubble Bath Salts! This may be a gift you give to yourself!


Stay cozy and rep the Unicorn Gang with our Classic Sweat Suit infused with selenite, fuchsite, & lepidolite!


Ditch your skincare products full of crazy ingredients you can’t even pronounce. The Minimal Dose has all the holistic skincare products you need!


Combat the harshness of Winter with PurpL Goat skincare products. Your skin will stay way you like it, clear and smooth!


Step up your hot drink game with mushrooms! Yes, we said mushrooms. From coffee to match to hot cacao Four Sigmatic makes easy to incorporate this superfood into your daily routine! Use promo code “CHASINUNICORNS” at checkout.

Happy Holidays!!!


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