Chasin’ Unicorns Holiday Gift Guide

Chasin' Unicorns Holiday Gift Guide

WOW!!! We cannot believe it is already the holidays!! We thought we’d put together a little wish list of our own, should any of you feel the need to buy us presents.  Just Kidding!!! Here is a handful of items we are loving, but you can always take a look at our faves on our ‘Products We Love‘ page throughout the year.

Chasin Unicorns Holiday Christmas Unique Gift Guide Tessa Lizz Purple Wig

Have a bit of fun this holiday season by rocking a new look! The best part about our girl Tessa’s new wig line is that you don’t have to kill your hair to change it up.  Check out the ‘Savage Girlfriend’ at Lit Unicorns.

Chasin Unicorns Rainbow Fluorite Crystal Generator Point

Flourite, crystals, whatever… just because you can’t believe nature can make such beautiful things.  And positive energy is always needed during the holiday season!

Chasin Unicorns Holiday Christmas Unique Gift Guide Unicorn Slippers

Must we say anything about why you should want unicorn slippers…??

Chasin Unicorns JFOX Jewelry Accessories Review

JFOX Jewelry has to be part of our gift guide! Not only do we love her stuff, but we totally stole the idea of doing a gift guide from her! Read our post on JFOX.

Chasin Unicorns Holiday Christmas Unique Gift Guide Rose Sage Bundle

Grab a Sage Smudge Stick to help create the best energy in your home for the holidays.  Read our post on Sage.

Chasin Unicorns Holiday Christmas Unique Gift Guide Nike Purple Sneakers

The Nike ‘Cortez’ is a classic, and when it comes in so many fun colors, the sky is the limit. Jo wants the bright turquoise!!

Cromwell Watch with Chasin Unicorns Watches Accessories Rose Gold Silver Timepiece Details Attention to Details

This is a classic watch for a classic gift.  The Cromwell Watch will never go out of style, so it is sure to be a pleaser this holiday season! Read our post on Cromwell.

Chasin Unicorns Crystal Skull Bath Bomb Natural Vegan Synergy Citrus Grapefruit Lemon Tea

Well of course we had to throw in some Unicorn Droppings!! They are after all our thing : )

Chasin Unicorns Apple MacBook Laptop Heart Notebook Black Fur Keychain

We both LOVE our black puff keychains!! This one is so soft if you told me it was real rabbit I would believe you!  PS the link is to the exact one we have.

Chasin Unicorns Holiday Christmas Unique Gift Guide Gold Candle

A beautiful organic candle is always a hit.  Jo has a candle obsession, and gardenia candles always remind me of visiting my grandparents as a child.

Chasin Unicorns Sam Edelman Fur Pom Pom Gray Suede Tennis Shoes

OBSESSED. Period.  Love the Sam Edelman ‘Leya’ shoes!

Chasin Unicorns Holiday Christmas Unique Gift Guide Birch Box Birchbox

If you really love your friends, get them a Birchbox!! It’s always full of fun goodies.  We are both members, read more about our first box.

Happy Holidays!!!

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