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Abalone Shell & Sage Bundle

Cleansing is a Native American ritual for spiritual cleansing and blessing. The smoke from the burning Sage cleanses all energy - good and bad. The Abalone Shell catch the hot cinders of the Sage, while attracting the calming and healing energies of the ocean.

Before lighting your Sage, clear your space of any excess clutter. Open all windows, closets, and doors to allow the smoke to carry all energy out of your space. Now you are ready to cleanse!

Ignite your Sage with a candle, match, or lighter. Allow it to burn for 30-60 seconds and then blow it out. waft the smoke throughout your space. It is best to start with the corners and mirrors in a space. Pay special attention to hallways, doorways, and windows. When you’re finished cleansing, be sure to snuff the end of the Sage thoroughly and place in Abalone Shell.

Cleansing with an Abalone Shell

  • To protect its beautiful rainbow shimmer from hot embers, add a layer of sand to the inside of the shell.
  • To honor the natural world, use a match made of wood from the earth to light the herbs instead of a man-made lighter.
  • For a longer cleansing session, use the abalone shell as a bowl and a hot charcoal tablet to light the herbs burning.
  • To enhance the energies of your cleansing blend, add resins like copal, amber and frankincense into your abalone shell.