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Wearing a crystal is an amazing way to work with it and have the energy stay with you. With all Crystal healing it’s not a magic pill, it is about your intention and what you are choosing to bring to the light to heal within yourself. Crystal energy is long term and multidimensional. If you are interested in placing an order for a custom pendant made and Intentionally hand chosen and wire wrapped for you, click the link in bio and provide us your

  1. Your full date of birth
  2. Your time of birth
  3. Your location, city of birth 
  4. Any current life situations you are going through
  5. Your Signature via initials ex. (S.S)  – signing that you are committing to this piece. Once your info is submitted I will begin working and each piece and reading can take 1-2 hours. You will be expected to pay your invoice the day you receive your email back. 

Prices range from $100 – 250 depending on chain (silver plated, vegan leather, 925 sterling silver, rose gold, 24k gold) and meditatively chosen. Once you email us we will open the healing portal and begin your custom order. You may also receive a mini reading on why the stone has chosen you and its qualities. If you are a set budget for this piece – please let us know in your email. After submitted an email you are 100% committing to a purchase, please do not waste my time creating a piece for you and doing a full on reading on which piece is best for you if you do not plan on paying.


  • Thank you so much! All of the messages really resonated with me and helped give me a bit of courage to keep pushing forward on my current path/move towards my desires. I have been getting my space at home all put together since the new moon and so hopefully now I can start some self care rituals/get more into being in tune with my spirit team and self. Time for some healthy habits! I have always wanted a moonstone and for some reason I never bought one for myself so I am so excited!

  • Oh my goodness!! This looks so amazing!! I was just wondering about what stone would call to you for this pendant!! I can’t wait to wear it! I was going back forth on the 18” and 20” length chain, so I’m perfectly fine with the 18”.

    The mini reading is spot on regarding my family. I struggle with acceptance from my immediate family, specifically from my mother and my two sisters. I’m often seen as the “black sheep” because I don’t live my life the same way they do. Yet, they seem to have issues with every other family member, I.e aunties, cousins, etc. meanwhile I’m getting invited to all family functions, so go figure! I also found the mention of cancer the crab interesting because we will start trying in early July, which is coincidentally right smack in the middle of Cancer season…..

  • I am so touched and blessed to say that all that you have said has resonated with me highly. I have never seen a rose quartz as beautiful as the one that spirit has picked out for me. It’s pale in comparison to the ones I have, however it is in such a beautiful opaque color, and a gentle but loving/warm and inviting energy.
    Blessed be to you, and thank you so much for doing this for me.

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