Fragrant Jewels Ring Candle Subscription

Chasin Unicorns Fragrant Jewels Ring Candle Passport Monthly Subscription

We’re sure by now you have seen the companies out there selling hidden jewelry in candles.  We suppose it is somewhat along the lines of a high end prize in the cereal box right?  Anyway, we love checking out new things as members of Swagbucks (which you should totally join to earn free gift cards).  So we used them to sign up for the Fragrant Jewels monthly Passport program.  (Side note: the Fragrant Jewels offer seems to come and go on the ‘popular ways to earn’ page, so keep checking back.)

With your very first Passport candle, comes a super cute pink envelop complete with a wax stamp closure (nice touch!), inside, a pink ‘passport’.  When a candle arrives, so does a sticker for the passport, boarding pass, and postcard… with a new scent of course.

Inside every candle, bath bomb, or scent beads are a ring valued between $10-$10,000!  Once you get to the ring (which is wrapped up and about halfway down in the candle), you input the code into their ‘vault’ to find out what it’s worth.  Obviously the super expensive ones are not actually IN the candle, and they will send to you later… so don’t get any ideas about stealing people’s Fragrant Jewels packages from their porch. JUST KIDDING!  Chasin Unicorns Fragrant Jewels Ring Candle Passport Monthly Subscription

As completely unlucky humans, every ring so far has been $25, BUT if you think about that, you get a candle AND a ring for the $35/month (candle and shipping), so it’s still not bad.

This month was a Las Vegas themed candle, and we can’t wait to see what’s next! You can of course by a ton of different flavors as a one-off, you don’t have to lock in to the Passport. : )

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 I love trying these things through Swagbucks, since I started using it, I’ve gotten a few hundred dollars in gift cards for basically doing nothing.  If you sign up for Fragrant Jewels through Swagbucks, you end up getting 1,500 Swagbucks, which means you basically get a $15 credit back!  Great for Mother’s Day gifts, b-days or yourself!

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