How Numerology Can Bring More Clarity


So recently I joined an amazing 6 week Kundalini Course, in local Huntington Beach CA, where every Sunday I meet up with a strong women’s circle and we go over all major types of life lessons and healing. One of the weekends we all got our numerology reports read by Intuitive Healer, Allana and I fell so in love! I have already  been super into numerology but I didn’t no my full chart, or the numbers to my business and home. Even your name, business and house street address all have their own numbers / frequencies. I like to look at them like little secrets to the universe. I was very happy with my report and ALL my numbers resonated with me so much. It gave me a lot of clarity and insight into my personality traits and my future goals.

Allana is a lifelong Intuitive and a lover of Earth magic. She is a spirit guided healer and a holistic community builder. She is passionate about sharing with others the importance of human potential, self love, self acceptance and being in a love, peace and joy vibration, for your optimal health and personal power. Allana began her self healing journey and tapped into her innate healing wisdom at the age of 12. At 44 years old, she shifted her life and the lives of her family dramatically when she knew she had to leave her extreme verbally abusive relationship to save all of their lives, including the abuser. She chose to be her own Hero and embrace the healing power of self love, gratitude and forgiveness. Allana’s healing gifts include being a conduit for love and holding space for others to heal. She practices a combination of traditional and Shamanic Reiki and is a certified EFT – emotional freedom technique, practitioner and teacher. During a session, with your permission, she connects to your energy, translates what comes through for her, for your highest good and healing, in symbols, colors, animals, angels, ancestors, sensations and information that makes for an amazing, intuitive session. ​Allana has 36 years experience in the salon industry and credits this work for her love of helping people thrive in their lives.


Why do I need a Numerology report?

I love numbers! They are the language of the universe. We are surrounded by numbers and even if you don’t like math, numbers are everywhere and effect our lives, daily.

A numerology report is a fun and important tool to have to get know your unique personal core numbers and how they influence your current life journey. Knowing your numbers is helpful to connect you to your life path and purpose and your strengths and challenges. When you know your numbers, you have a helpful blueprint that serves as a foundation to go deeper into your personality, your soul and what you are here to do.

You may already be drawn to numbers, see repetitive numbers and share numbers, like birthdates, in your circle of family and friends.

Your numbers carry energy and vibration. For example, if you have a 6 number in your chart, you carry the energy and vibration of self harmony, compassion, love, service, social responsibility, beauty, the Arts, balance, children and community service. The challenge of number 6 is giving too much of yourself, finding balance between giving to others and taking care of your own needs, becoming a recluse, and having fear of being seen.

When you understand the influences and the positive and negative aspects of your numbers, you can better navigate through your life with confidence and know you have the ability to choose where you are in the moment, that serves your highest good.

Repetitive numbers or number sequences, are a ​message ​for you to understand where you are in the moment, energetically vibrating with the universe. For example, if you see 7:11 – my current daily numbers, on the clock everyday, or on license plates, or where ever, you are being shown the essence of those numbers which could be the examined as the whole number 711 or the number 9. In numerology, all numbers are added together to come to a single digit, 1-9. However, 11, 22, and 33 are Master Numbers and are translated as such. They carry the essence and power of the master number or are added together to the single digit for the lower vibration number, 11/2, 22/4 and 33/6.

When I see repetitive numbers, they usually are showing themselves to me over a period of time. Years ago when I was stepping out of the spiritual closet, the numbers 333 kept showing up. I was traveling to Utah, and those numbers were everywhere! License plates, billboards, a bill I had to pay, and even my hotel room number was #333. I looked up the meaning, and it was a beautiful reminder that I was on a spiritual awakening and it urged me to open up to my calling as a conscious spiritual teacher.

To order your personal numbers report go to my store: ​ Once I receive your requested information, I go to work on your report that takes 3- 5 days to complete.

Here is a great site, one of my favorites, for explaining the essence and energy vibe of numbers:

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Sending you love and good vibes,  Allana

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  • I love Allana, so glad I met her this year and got my numerology report from her. A bunch of things “clicked” in my head giving me that “AH – HA” moment with the numbers in my life. Love it!!!! 6 <3

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