Introducing Unicorn Tears Essential Oils

Chasin Unicorns Benefits How To Use Essential Oils In a Diffuser

Our :heartpulse:Unicorn Tears Essential Oils are NOW available for pre-order. :skull:We are so excited to bring these to you guys! Each and every oil and blend is 100% Natural and Pure (non-diluted).  Every bottle comes with a mini #PeacockOre crystal inside to enhance the healing properties of each oil.  :skull:We designed our keepsake skull bottles with a long glass dropper, so you can easily apply, mix, dilute your desired amount, without pouring too much or too little.  :skull:

These custom skull bottles are 30ml (approximately 1 oz.) which is DOUBLE the size of most store or online options which are 15ml.  This includes some of the most popular brands, including DoTerra.  We wanted to provide a high quality oil that is affordable and easily accessible (you don’t have to know an independent sales representative).  It’s just a bonus you get an adorable skull bottle to keep around.  They are great to use as a bud vase,for incense holders, or more!

Chasin Unicorns Skull Essential Oil Dropper Bottle Therapeutic Grade

DoTerra 15ml Peppermint – Retail $27    – – – –   Chasin’ Unicorns Peppermint – Retail $17

Chasin Unicorns Natural Essential Oil Drops Sweet Sassy Grapefruit Rose Peppermint
Chasin Unicorns Natural Essential Oil Drops Relaxation Station Lavender Basil

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for medicinal and therapeutic healing, each having natural and powerful healing properties.  Not only are we offering pure oils such as Peppermint, Lavender, Grapefruit and more, but we have also created blends that will compliment our most popular bath bombs including Synergy, Tranquilizer and Black Pearl.  More oils and blends will be added, so be sure to check back often!

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