Sub Box of the Month – Aquarius Season

Aquarius – The Water Bearer

We are so excited to introduce the first Sub. Box of the year 2019! This time around we are doing something different, for each month we will focus on an astrology sign leading up to all 12 signs at the end of the year. We will also continue to upload a Blog Post per month/per box that will shine light on the astrology sign for that month, spotlights on each product in the box, and how the crystals of the month can help you tap into the energy of that sign!

Before we get started, if you’re curious about what planets might be in Aquarius in your natal chart, what house the sign rules for you, and what this all means for you, check out (not sponsored, just a great tool) and you can put in your birth information and delve into the world of astrology.

Now, to all the Aquarius babes out there, Happy Solar Return! You guys are the lucky ones getting to celebrate the one and only Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon of the year; which occurred Sunday, January 20th! Were you howling at the moon like we were? And to all those with strong Aquarius placements in your charts, enjoy getting some extra energy in those areas of your life! Aquarius is the sign of The Water Bearer, which is interesting because Aquarius’ element is Air. As an Air sign, Aquarius has a strong connection to all things intellectual, ideas, mental patterns, thoughts, and creativity; and as the third Air sign of the zodiac (following Gemini and Libra), it gives us insight into the collective manifestations of our thoughts and mentalities.

Aquarius is sometimes thought of as the “weirdo” of the zodiac; sometimes shy, awkward, or always in their own corner. How many of you know an Aquarius and can totally relate to this? This is a sign that is out there with their thinking ways, a bit rebellious in their own unique ways, totally committed to forging their own path and connecting with their own truth. They are independent, visionary, always leading us onwards towards the future and all that can come forth. Aquarius has a core need to express and live its truth; this is not a sign that is going to be content with the status quo and going with the flow of what everyone else does. Prior to the sometimes single-minded and conservative nature of Capricorn, we all need a bit more of this flowing, seeking, quirky, offbeat energy that Aquarius brings us. The Aquarian personality is that of thequestioner, the one who is always asking “why”, who isn’t content to accept an answer of “that’s the way things are” or “because I said so”. Aquarius is truly the free spirit, the wanderer, the one who rebels because they need to exist as who their soul calls them to be, the eccentric, far-sighted person who seems to already be living in the future.

In its highest vibration, Aquarius then uses this broad-thinking, inquisitive, and rebellious nature for the good of the collective, of humanity. There is a reason why the idea of the “Aquarian Age” is all about changing and uprooting and reframing all our old systems of hierarchy, what it means to be successful, how we relate with others, etc. Aquarius in its highest vibration is trying to uplift us all, take us to the revolutionary new future it has seen, inspire us all to be ourselves and rebel against the structures that keep us playing small. In its lowest vibration, Aquarius can be driven to rebel for rebellions’ sake, to be different just because, the “rebel without a cause” that actually harms others or themselves in their quest to stand out as different. Another lower vibration of Aquarius can be the person who is so committed to their own truth and their own quest that they can trample or overwhelm others who feel differently from them; this can come through the tendency towards detachment that is part of the most zealous pursuit of freedom.

The air-y energy of an Aquarius can be beneficial but it can also sweep the mind along like leaves in a tornado. This Air energy gives Aquarius great mental dexterity and flexibility, fills it with ideas and creativity, sparks of new concepts and new ways of doing things and innovation and thoughts that spring forth. Sometimes, however, the Aquarian mind can get lost in their own thoughts and criticism of themselves that can come off as “airy-fairy” and be disconnected from the people around them, even if in the same room, seeming like they can’t focus on the topic of conversation. For example, I know two people very close to me that are Aquarius’ that can be caught ‘dazing off’ or just having a blank stare. It’s not that he/she is not paying attention; I just know that they are thinking of something else in a million different ways. Sometimes they can over-think a simple situation solely because their brain works in very complex ways, seeming like their stuck in the clouds, which in fact is the quite opposite.

An Aquarius evolves by tapping into the energy of its polar opposite sign; Leo, the fiery lion. Aquarius is also a fixed sign, which is the mode that means it falls in the middle of a season (Winter in the Northern Hemisphere, Summer in the Southern Hemisphere). As a Fixed sign, that gives an Aquarius a measure of stability and steadiness that describes this sign’s unwavering commitment to expressing itself fully and celebrating its own diversity. Sometimes, the shadow side of this can be the metaphorical blinders that may prevent an Aquarian mind from being willing to see other perspectives or worldviews.

Every sign of the zodiac has a planet that is said to “rule” the energies of that sign. For Aquarius, modern astrologers say it is ruled by Uranus, which was the first planet past Saturn that was discovered by telescope in 1781. In that way, Uranus pushed the boundaries of what was known, expanded our understanding of the solar system and our place in it, and opened up the door for more revolutionary new discoveries of other planets and asteroids and even galaxies far out into space. Uranus, therefore, resonates with the energies of Aquarius by representing all that pushes us beyond our limits, that opens us up to new ways of thinking and seeing, that makes us question all our assumptions about the universe. This is what I love about astrology, connecting the dots like connecting the stars together. You can begin to see how we are all connected in some way, with our personality, our characteristics, and why we act the way we do.

In the Tarot, Aquarius is associated with The Star, the 17th card of the Major Arcana. The Star gives quiet, deep medicine for the soul of healing, inspiration, spiritual growth, and expansive connection with the Universe. For those who follow the Wheel of the Year, the ancient Celtic feast-day of Imbolc falls during Aquarius season (around February 2), where we celebrate the Goddess in her Maiden aspect and the first stirrings that remind us that spring is near after the long, hard months of winter. The goddess Brigit is especially revered during Imbolc.

Where does Aquarius fall in your chart? We all can work with this sign, even if we don’t have planets there, although of course the energy will be more intense for those with their Sun, Moon, or Rising in Aquarius. Look at what house Aquarius rules in your chart; this is the area of life in which you’ll have a bit more of the independent, rule-breaking flair. With the Sun currently in Aquarius (1/20 – 2/18), we all get to enjoy a bit more of this airy, far-seeking, wide-ranging, innovative energy of the Water Bearer in our lives!


White onyx – A spiritual stone that helps to connect us more deeply to our minds and strengthen our mental prowess. These are very important characteristics for an Aquarius season, when we’ll all be feeling the air element activation of our minds and thoughts. If you’re finding it a bit hard to have confidence in your mind and thoughts when the Aquarian energies push you to speak and live your truth, White Onyx will help you to overcome that stress and stay focused on your goals. It can help support you in staying true to yourself, even when you feel down or tired, by giving you an extra energetic spark for your potential.

Red Jasper – A deeply grounding stone that is connected to the root chakra. Sometimes when we are living with so much air energy, as can happen in Aquarius season, we become too wrapped up in our minds and lose track of our bodies and our connection to the Earth. So many ideas without stability can cause us to feel blown about. In addition, when we get too stuck in our heads, we might not be able to consider the deeper meaning of a situation or someone else’s perspective, which can be pitfalls that Aquarius sometimes falls into as the rebel without a cause or the zealot.

Lepidolite – A wonderful stone for the Aquarian mind (I might be a little biased, as it’s one of my favorite crystals!) If you want to reach your mind higher, whether it is into the future, accessing the Akashic records, or to connect with your highest self and guides, Lepidolite is your perfect ally. This crystal gives you the mental freedom and independence to roam the realms of thought and gather lessons that you can bring back for the good of humanity and the collective as a whole. Its lithium content also assists with mental stability and improving mental focus and clarity, helping us in Aquarius season to use our curiosity and inquisitive natures most productively.


  1. Self-Love Planner – excellent tool to keep up with journaling, meal prepping, and self-reflecting for the week. You can find more @purposeplanner on IG.
  2. Yoga Gripping Socks – ok these totally come in handy when you want to do yoga and it’s cold outside. Because normal socks can’t and won’t stick, causing slippage in certain positions, so say no more to cold feet or slippage! You can find more of their clothing line @toetalkmindful on IG
  3. Yoga Headbands – We love these! We thought these were totally necessary as they completely match our yoga pants we sell on our website, and go hand in hand with the socks! These came in 4 different colors and style, so if you’d like to check out more you can find them @shopsillyogi on IG or
  4. Incense – we hooked you up with 20 incense!! This should last all month if not more! Light one of these while journaling and come into calmness altogether.
  5. Loose-Leaf Tea – we’ve been in love with this brand (Story of M Tea) from Houston, Texas. 12 grams of loose-leaf, organic, non-caffeine herbal. Pairs perfectly with a good book by the fireplace. You can find more of their line @storyofmytea on IG

We hope all of these items encourage you to start the New Year with New Beginnings and taking the leap to New Opportunities! We encourage you to take time for yourself, once a week, or at least once a month, and self-reflect. It’s important to reflect and review consistently to stay focused and keep on your path to your highest-self. Don’t forget to speak your intentions out loud as well as writing them down because the Universe is listening to you!


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