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Territory Food Meal Plan Subscription Box Chasin Unicorns

You guys, I’m literally obsessed right now with Territory Foods meal prep service!!  Whether you are looking to stick to a strict meal plan, or are so busy that you end up eating fast food (or nothing at all like we often do) on the regular you are going to want to read through.  You will get a free meal too!

I discovered Territory Foods through the CrossFit gym I’ve been going to for years, since they have one of their drop off locations (aka a Territory fridge) there.  Since I’ve done CrossFit for about nine years now, I have long been educated on various eating lifestyles (note I didn’t say diet).  Everything from Zone, to Paleo, Whole30, to watching Macros, you name it, and they went over it.  Years ago I tried the Paleo way of eating and it was the leanest and healthiest I ever was as an adult.  The concept is that the human body is so slow to adapt that we are allergic to many of the common foods of today due to their processing (grains, dairy, sugar, etc.).  But it was hard to maintain since it definitely takes dedication… and the will power to not eat the pizza in front of me.  Let’s just say without a specific goal date/event that I have to work towards it just hasn’t happened again for me.

Now that Sam and I are working on Chasin’ Unicorns full time it has gotten even harder to meal prep.  I work a full time job outside of this, and also do some freelance work for companies… the last thing I’m capable of doing on a Sunday (when we are probably Unicorning all day anyway) is spend hours making meals.  What’s worse is I’m totally a mental eater. If I eat the same thing days in a row (outside of greasy Mexican or Italian, because there is never too much of that!) I will get nauseous just THINKING about having to eat it.  Once that happens I usually give in to something way worse.

I’m not making excuses, but I sometimes end up so busy I forget I haven’t eaten dinner until 10pm when Sam and I are finishing work.  Territory Foods solves BOTH of my main meal prepping problems.  Not only do I not have to meal prep, but I get to eat something different at every meal, and I can literally make lunch or dinner in less than 90 seconds!  Bonus that all of their food is locally and ethically sourced!

Territory Food Meal Plan Subscription Box Chasin Unicorns

Once a week (or twice if you want) fresh cooked meals will be delivered for your enjoyment!   Every one of their meals are prepared by a professional local chef, so all of the areas will have different options.  The week before your next order, they send you your planned menu, which was based on your preferences (more below), but you can easily go in and edit which meals you want!  This is always an amazing option because everyone has certain foods and flavors they would prefer to stay away from.  You can choose to have your plan based around the Paleo Diet, Whole30, Macros, and more, but you can also filter by staying away from certain foods like meat, fish, mushrooms, spiciness, for pregnancy health and more.  They are working on the filters and options all the time to increase user experience.

Every week a box shows up with my name on it, and inside is expertly prepared full meals.  They each come with all of the nutritional info on the outside.  Pop it in the microwave for 60-90 seconds and you are done!! Or you can heat it on the stove or oven.

Territory Food Meal Plan Subscription Box Chasin Unicorns

You can even choose the size of your meals.  The ‘Boost’ is enough for me, and I can barely even finish it sometimes.  You can choose to get all three meals, or just breakfast, lunch or dinner.  You can also choose how many meals you would like per week.  And the best part is you can update everything every week and you are never locked in!  Right now I’ve been doing it for just over a month, and it is seriously helping me so much.  I figure even if I just eat 6 meals per week healthier than I was before that is a good start to being healthier again and everything else will follow!

They have free drop off locations available or you can pay a bit extra to have them sent straight to your home.  Right now they are in certain US locations and expanding constantly, but after speaking with the amazing Natasha, we learned that they hope to be everywhere in just a couple months.  It is important for Territory to keep their locally and ethically sourced business model, so they do not want to expand without it properly in place.

So head over to Territory Foods to give it a shot, and by using our link you will get a free meal with your first order!!

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