Lightning In a Bottle 2017

Chasin' Unicorns Lightning in a Bottle Music Art Festival Experience
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I was a little skeptical about going to LIB this year because I have been so busy with work and trying to get caught up (also being on a tight budget I was a little hesitant). But, I also knew deep down that I was in much need of a get-away. It has been almost 4 years since my last Coachella/ Festival experience, so I feel like I deserved to have a little fun.  A few of my girlfriends had went last year and said how great it was and what a community vibe it brought, way different/consciously more progressive than Coachella. A boy were they right!

When we first arrived it was a little hectic trying to find a camp spot to fit our whole 30 deep crew (most who I have never met before), but after we got settled in and the weekend started it was a time I will never ever forget. The amount of peace, love and acceptance by all festival goers towards each other was something everyone should experience at least once. I truly did feel “at home” while I was there… with  my people… I genuinely felt like I was in Never Ever Land with all my ‘Lost Boys” (LOL) and it was a family environment that literally brings tears of joy to my eyes, just thinking about it. I believe I cried to myself at least 8 times while there, just being in a state of total bliss and joy. There were so many cool stages, performances, lectures, organic cooking classes, puppet shows, floating stages, amazing art work and spiritual vendors and OMG the food was my favorite part….I think I ate 5 gluten-free vegan pizzas while I was there!  The lake view was absolutely breath taking and the New Moon was unforgettable. The friends I met that weekend will stay my friends, brothers and sisters for life, and that alone is something that I am very thankful for.  I truly couldn’t be more grateful from the bottom of my heart for the joy LIB has brought me. I remember talking to some of my male camp mates that weekend, that I have gone every year and just talking about how LIB has been a place of confidence building for those who go, where no one ever feels alone, mis-placed, judged or left out. You can wear what you want, be what you want, say what you want, do what you want and everyone there is on the same page and level and it truly was acceptance at its deepest level, If I have to describe this weekend in just one word.

LIB opened my eyes in ways that I needed. In ways that showed how the world is slowly but collectively growing and building consciously, to form a new spiritual place here on this earth. Bonded together forever under the moonlight and music. Thank you LIB!!!! For those looking for a nice escape from the sometimes sad reality we live in… this is your place.

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