Live Crystal Sales

We are so excited to offer Instagram Live Crystal Sales once a month! Below is the whole run down of how they will work, so study up on the rules. Every month will feature new and exciting crystals to add to your collection.

NEXT EVENT – Every Sunday, Between 11am -12pm Pst!

How it Works

– We will log on to Instagram Live Stories – Just enter the live story (like you would view any story).
– I will announce the final price as I show the individual item that is up for sale.⠀
– Be the first person to comment ‘SOLD’ plus the price (that I say), for example $25 would be ‘MINE 25’.⠀There is no bidding!
– First comment to come in wins! I will announce right then who was the first. (Please note your personal comment will ALWAYS show first to you. I go off of the first one to come in to our account.)⠀
– At the end of the live sale, visit the crystal sale post on our Instagram feed that day. And comment DONE once you are finished shopping.
– We will create a custom listing on the website here with your Instagram name, and will let you know when it is ready.

That’s it!! Looking forward to seeing you all super soon, and can’t wait for you to see all of the beautiful new babies.⠀


– Do not participate if you do not plan on purchasing your crystals within 48 hours of the live sale ending. Not only is it a major bummer for us (we are still a small business of two people), but you are also taking those crystals away from someone else.

– Please invite as many friends as possible, but also let them know this is a sale, and not a giveaway. Yes, it’s totally happened.

– No fighting people! : )


– Shipping will be added to your total based on size and weight.  We try our best to get them packaged as safely as possible in the least inexpensive way possible.  Here are some likely scenarios (but no guarantees). 98% will probably fall at the $12.50 level or below.

  • $5 for very small and light items less than 1lb.
  • $7.50 for smaller but heavy items.
  • $12.50 for a nice sized collection from the live sale. This is a medium flat rate size.
  • $18 for a very large hual! : )
  • International will vary between $15-50 again depending on weight and size.