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About Jo :

Chasin Unicorns Meet Jo

I’ve always been a bit confused by myself. : )  But that’s what makes life a

bit fun right?  Since I was a little kid I was this weird combination of girly girl and tom boy.  Given that my favorite color has forever been pink, and I love me some glitter, you’d think I was the ultimate prissy girl.  But the truth is, I own very minimal amounts of pink items, and the glitter of my life is typically black, gold, silver, or white.  I like to think my parents caused my ‘all around normalness’ which I’m starting to (at 30) finally figure out is just ‘me’.  But let’s go back a little bit.

Like Sam, I grew up in Huntington Beach, California and got to experience all that normal beach kid life had to offer.  Swimming lessons, surfing lessons, and summers spent as a junior lifeguard.  I played sports, took art classes, and did musical theater.  As an 80’s baby, I grew up playing with Barbies, Trolls, Legos, Pound Puppies and the normal kid things.  But I think this is where things went in a strange direction…  the majority of my time was spent with horses and race cars… HARDLY normal for a beach girl.  But I loved every minute of it!!

As I grew older, my girly girl and tom boy combination just morphed into different ways, which is why I say I’m confusing.  I went through a 3 year period of drinking Captain and Cokes, but now I’m a craft beer addict.  At the same time I love wine, girly drinks, and mixology.  I love shiny things and chunky jewelry, but hate to wear stilettos.  (Not sure where that skill left me.  In college I could sprint in 4″ heels… nowadays I look like a baby deer on ice just trying to stand in them.)  And I LOVE skulls! But not the fake kind with pink bows. YUCK.

I like makeup but have no skills in the matter, so if it takes longer than 10 minutes… it’s probably not happening.  I mean I didn’t even wear foundation until I was 24, and I just in the last year started to understand the importance of filling in one’s eyebrows.  Don’t even get me started on fake eyelashes… although I’m proud to say after years of trying, I’ve finally applied my first pair successfully!

I love fashion, but it has to be functional.  I’m not down for being miserable… I mean WHY be miserable.  If I can’t move my arms around in a jacket, or sit down in a tight dress… it’s not going on my body.  And while I enjoy shopping (I have a major Hautelook problem), I could just as easily be happy wearing workout clothes everyday.  Stylish ones of course.

Chasin Unicorns Jo Beer FriendsTo me laid back is where it is at.  It’s possible to have cute, comfortable, and functional clothing.  It’s all in the details. Whether it is unique patterns or interesting cuts, there is so much to do these days.  Jewelry and shoes can completely change the way something looks.  Like putting booties or sneakers with a dress instead of wedges or heels… it’s fun to play with this combination… again with the girly girl and tom boy.

Anyway, a little about me in general.  As mentioned, I’m a born and raised beach kid, I’m usually the resident ‘handy girl’, incredibly sarcastic, beer aficionado and amateur bartender (in my own mind), LONG time CrossFitter, homeowner, party planner, crafter, jewelry maker, and detail nazi (you can ask Sam… I’m annoying).

If it’s on Chasin’ Unicorns, and it’s either pink or sparkly, you can probably assume it’s me and not Sam : )

Jo’s Favorites:

Jewelry Style: The bigger or shinier, the better!

Shoes: I have a bow problem… at one point I realized that 65% of my shoes had a bow on them.  But my favorites are either my Tory Burch ballet flats (with a rhinestone bow!) or my Rebecca Minkoff sparkle sneakers. Or my leopard print Sperry Top Siders (both available on Amazon!).  You really shouldn’t start me on shoes.

Most Worn Outfit: Leggings? Just kidding. I try to rotate as much as possible. Let’s go with most worn item.  Sports Bras… cute ones. I literally wear them with EVERYTHING!

Music: Country, Lady Gaga, DNCE, Jack Johnson, anything upbeat.

Shopping Locations/Sites/Brands: I’m all about the deals, so I love Nordstrom Rack/Hautelook (which I’ve currently banned myself from), Lulu’s, Free People, TJMaxx, Marshalls, Homegoods, and who could live without Target and Amazon?  I also enjoy finding and trying new things on Swagbucks : )

Cocktail: Hmmm tough one.  Ballast Point Sculpin or Mammoth Epic IPA for beers, Cocobon for wine, and Mojitos (generally) for cocktails.

Food: Pizza, Thai, Bacon, Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter Ice Cream

Workout: CrossFit!! 8 years and counting

5 Random Facts:

– I have a cat, a dog, and two desert tortoises, who are ALL a little crazy and weird, yes, even the tortoises.

– I have naturally curly hair, and didn’t come to terms with that until I was 30.  Seriously!

– I get to craft almost every day at my ‘real job’ which is pretty damn awesome.

– I’m kind of a serial entrepreneur and I can’t stop starting projects. I have a bit of ADD on the matter.

– My parents helped me remodel my entire townhome.  We did all of the work ourselves except installing the carpet and granite counters.  It’s probably my biggest accomplishment in life so far.


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