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Sam Chasin' Unicorns Owner

Hello Friends,

I have always been a little hyper active, ADD of the sorts. When I was young my family used to call me “Ling” which means Monkey in Thai, because I would literally swing from the chandlers (hahaha). I am the first born of two amazing siblings and my parents and both my grandparents have been together forever. So I have never witnessed divorce and for that I am grateful. My parents were high school sweet hearts and my mom has never even been with another man before, so you can say I understand love and loyalty to the core.

I grew up involved in tennis, ice skating, swim team, girl scouts, in high school I made the varsity volleyball, track team and was one of few to make varsity soccer as a freshman, which I lettered in all 4 years. In high school I also was on the dive team and in choir, but I ended up sticking to just soccer. My club soccer team, “Slammers FC” won reigionals, state, Surf Cup, competed in nationals and  many others- more than I can count, under the Premiere league. We even were sponsored by Nike to fly to Sweden to compete in the “Youth World Gothia Cup” which we took first place in a huge stadium full of people. You can say I look at those as my Glory days.

I took a scholarship to the University of Reno, Nevada. A D1 school where I got the full college/dorm/life experience and met one of my best friends, Samantha Johnson, and trained along side Colin Kaepernick. I tore my ACL twice, both before season started and after multiple surgeries + rehabbing for two years I decided that Reno was not the right place for me. I transferred and took a partial scholarship to Concordia, Irvine, where I decided to end my soccer career, and focus on my Bachelors Degree in Marketing.

During college and after graduating, I was managing my own Promotional Marketing & Model Staffing Company, I owned and created this brand, logo, website, social media and company from nothing and had over 40 girls that I staffed, booked and modeled for all different types of marketing & events. Over time, as I spiritually evolved and also got myself into a failing relationship, I knew that I was no longer passionate about Promotionality. I ended up selling the company right before we decided to create Chasin’ Unicorns, while I started taking free lance clients for marketing, graphic and website design

After I graduated college I developed a well rounded marketing career, from interning at the OC register, to marketing in the restaurant industry for well known establishments and some full time salary paying, positions, one in which I met Johanna! Now looking back on it, I am so thankful for the universe for conspiring us together. If you were to ask me back then if me and Johanna would ever start a business together, I would have laughed because we are so opposite. But for some reason we kept in touch, decided to start a lifestyle blog and a few months later Chasin’ Unicorns was born.

I was very much a tom boy growing up, with an adventurous spirit and old soul. In high school I moved out of my parents house to live with my grandparents, because I was a little of a trouble maker, although I always kept a GPA of 3.5 of higher throughout all my school days. I was extremely close to my grandmother. She raised me as her own and some days my actual mother would get a little jealous at the bond I had with her, but over the years we all knew it was for a greater reason.

My grandmother was a wise and religious lady, who died early due to poor (american) diet and pharmaceutical drugs, that only masked her symptoms and took away some of her physical pain but ended up killing her slowly. I helped take care of her during her final years and changed her diapers as she slowly started to disintegrate before my eyes.

She is a big reason as to why I am so passionate about a healthy, vegan, organic lifestyle. I truly believe (and know for a fact) that you are what you eat and put into your body. From the chemicals of hair products, make-up, to the factory farm milk (that contains fear, pus and blood) that everyone is so stubborn to give up. You are what you eat. You are what you drink. You are what you think you are.

I feel my grandmothers presence all around me and as a recently discovered Clairaudient I even hear her time to time, when I am truly grounded and still. This is a trait I have been practicing but is very hard for me to master, because  most of the time my mind and thoughts are all over the place. My grandmother also comes to me in the form of a hummingbird during the times I need her most. One time, I KID YOU NOT, I came home and their was a hummingbird sitting on the ceiling fan in my room! Little messages like those are hard to deny.

I have had my fair share of toxic relationships, that have given me some of the hardest but most beneficial life lessons thus far. I also have experienced true love, just at the wrong times. The heart aches I have acquired over the years have truly shaped me as a women and without them I would not be where I am at today. So I am truly thankful, although no one warns you that a heart break and loss, can take years if not longer to over come.

I hope anyone reading this, gets to know me a little better and feels as though they have made a new friend. I love meeting new people and as a Pisces and empath, I truly can relate and understand others.  Helping people heal in their own ways, is what brings joy to my life. The friendships Johanna and I have made along this journey, so far, has been such an indescribable feeling and I cherish each and every single one of you who has supported our small but growing business!

Sam’s Favorites:

  • movies: lords of dogtown, the notebook, titanic, the hunger games
  • books: 50 shades of grey, you can heal your life by louis hay, the power of now by eckhart tolle, the celestine prophecy, ask alice, trust your vibes, the hunger games
  • shows: the oc, game of thrones, master chef jr, vikings, shark tank
  • cocktail: vodka martini, with mint, basil, olives & sugar on the rim
  • food: Mediterranean, curry, sushi…does sake count?
  • most worn outfit: gym clothes, slides. every day. lol
  • music: lana del rey, khalid, amy winehouse, norah jones, lil debbie, suicide boys, chillstep

5 Random Facts:

  • I was voted class clown in middle school and most attractive in high school (so awkward!) lol
  • I have been an entrepreneur all of my life, always trying little side hustles to make money. (I hate being told what to do!)
  • My mother is thai and my father is white/swedish. My mother came to america at 14 years old, never knew her father and lived out her own american dream.
  • I have a very solid group of girl friends/best friends. Most of whom I have been friends for over 10 years each. We are very loyal to each other and with out them I don’t think I would have made it this far in life.
  • I am very competitive… I literally HATE to loose. I grew up with all male cousins and my father was hard on me as a girl/child. So I have thick skin. And I am proud of that 🙂
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