Mood Boosting + Energizing Coffee Replacement

So after seeing some research posted on the AMAZING benefits of Cacao & Maca powder… I decided to start taking it daily in replacement of my coffee to help with my hormonal acne and mood. Up until last week I was just taking it in my blender bottle with water in the morning…. not very yummy. But it wasn’t until I saw @organic_olivia posts and decided to actually make it into a health loaded latte, because a cup of something warm in the morning actually does gives me life! Here is my personal concoction that I have been making every morning, click the underline links to see what brands I use:


☕ 1 tbsp Cacao powder
☕ 1 tbsp Maca powder
☕ 1 tbsp Matcha powder
☕ 1 tbsp Collagen powder
☕ 1 tbsp Manuka Honey
☕ Few drops of Stevia
☕ 1 tbsp MCT oil (some days grass fed Ghee)
☕ hot water or almond milk

I know it kinda seems like a a lot… but it has been working for me. I was already taking MCT and collagen with my old coffee, so now I use Maca and Cocoa to stabilize my mood and hormones and I use Matcha to give me a super punch of energy, that is stronger but more subtle than coffee. I got to the point where even double expressos wouldn’t do anything to me. After already adding cocoa to my morning rituals I was excited to see @organic_olivia do a post on it. Here is a little of what she said:

“HEAR ME OUT, OKAY?… because my professor said something the other day that blew my mind.

He was talking about what to do when you have clients who are stressed, tired, and stuck in the adrenal-exhausting cycle of relying on a daily cup of coffee to get out of bed.

In these cases, coffee is like “robbing Peter to pay Paul,” because that surge of energy has to come from somewhere – your tired adrenals that are forced to kick into high gear! This only depletes you further over time.

He said, “One thing we tend to forget is that most people are drinking coffee for much more than just that energy boost.

They’re drinking it because it lifts your spirits. You can’t ignore that part of someone’s relationship to it.

If you just take it away, or replace it with some tea, it’s not going to fill that part of what their body and soul is asking for.”

We then learned about his number one replacement: cacao elixirs as a mood-lifting medicine!


In traditional Mayan culture, it was considered the only known ‘sin’ to consume cacao without ritual (source: Martín Prechtel who shared this interesting info with my teacher!). That’s how powerful this medicine was considered in the eyes of healers. Ceremonial cacao was usually served with chili and honey, and was always taken in liquid form. It is a powerful heart-openerand ceremonies were held to unlock creativity, gratitude, euphoric states, and release negative emotions. One of the active ingredients in cacao, “theobromine,” translates as God-Food, and encourages the release of dopamine.


My professor explained that cacao does contain caffeine (about half that of a cup of coffee), and therefore will still get you going in the morning. However, it also contains crucial elementsrequired to balance that caffeine, including the master calming mineral magnesium. Magnesium helps keep our hormones and mood balanced, and our energy levels high!

Cacao is gentle, loving, nutrient dense, and has a more mood-boosting / heart-nourishing effect than coffee. It can be mixed with other medicinal herbs such as cinnamon, maca, and ashwagandha to support the adrenals rather than deplete them.

Lastly, cacao is packed with enzymes, antioxidants, and flavonoids, which can reduce stress, support blood sugar control and increase endorphins (our feel good hormones). The theobromine I mentioned earlier stimulates blood flow to the brain and heart, allowing more oxygen to reach these areas.


To honor the tradition of ceremony that is associated with cacao, my professor suggested creating a calming morning ritual where you connect with yourself and slowly stir the cacao and herbal powders into your honey, switching up the variety and ratio as your intuition/taste dictates.”

Comment below if you have tried and like Maca or Caco. We want to know!


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