Moody Moutntains – Organic Palo Santo Shower Scrubs

When the beautiful, Moody Mountains reached out to us, we were so excited. We were so grateful and appreciative when we got her cute sparkly package in the mail. Syd from Moody Mountains creates palo santo coffee scrubs made with Organic Fair Trade Coffee, Himalayan Pink Salt, Organic Coconut Oil, Pure Palo Santo oil and Palo Powder! They gifted us awhile back, a palo santo care package, that included an organic palo santo coffee shower scrub and after the first time I used it I fell in love. So in love that I knew I had to feature them in our ‘July Fly’ subscription boxes and they were a HIT!  Unlike our Chasin’ Unicorns body butter, which doubles as an aura cleaner, exfoliant and moisturizer. This coffee scrub is an extra powerful exfoliant with a strong notes of palo santo, to cleanse, that leaves you wanting more. So excited about this product, Get your own by clicking here.

These scrubs smell so yummy and a little really does go a long way. These scrubs are body scrubs, however, you may use them any way you feel guided.  If you use them on your face like we did, be sure to keep it a gentle scrub!  After cleansing in the bath or shower, scrub and exfoliate as needed, and focus/consciously meditate on the intentions you set for your scrub.



As you can see, we love love love our palo santo scrubs! This invigorating scrub will exfoliate and leave your skin feeling smooth and smelling phenomenal! Moody Mountain Herbals’ original shower scrub is enriched with our very own Palo Santo ground to a fine powder.

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