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My nightly routine has become one of my favorite self care and self love rituals. It helps me slow down and calm my mind and thoughts. I like to start by taking Thought Cl0ud 3000mg hemp CBD oil, 15 drops under my tongue nightly to help with anxiety and as a supplement because CBD is so great for just health in general. Also great for any type of inflammation.

Before I shower I will try Dry Brush my skin starting at my feet and working my way up.



On a good night I’ll use a Chasin’ Unicorns Crystal Bath Bomb and do a detox soak in the bath, wearing Purple Goat’s Calm Complexion mask while lathering with our Chasin Unicorns Crystal Body Polish. My favorite and staple product. It is such a great exfoliant but also leaves your skin silky smooth as a moisturizer. Many times after I shower I do not even need to apply extra lotion, because the polish is so hydrating. With the salt you are exfoliating dead skin cells, dirt, sweat and build up (ew, lol) so that the coconut and sweet almond oil and able to moisturize the fresh layer or skin. Tessa and I also love to use this as a shaving cream. I honestly hate taking showers without it. My energy healer also says that the pink himalayan salt scrub is also such a great way to energetic cleanse your body and your aura, and any lingering energies/ cords from others that may be sticking to you. Also helps to hold or say intentions out loud or in silence while doing this.

While I am in the bath or shower, I will oil pull with our Chasin Unicorns Filthy Mouth for as long as I am in. Oil pulling is such a great way to have the best oral hygiene. Unlike harsh mouth wash which stripes away good and bad bacteria (leading to long term dry and bad breathe), oil pulling pulls our all the toxins from your mouth. Which is also why many people do it as a teeth whitening technique.  After the shower I’ll brush my teeth with Dr. Brite Toothpaste: Mint, using my sonic brush. My dad has been getting these for me for Christmas for years and brushing my teeth without these bad boy seriously sucks. I assume it being next to driving a Ferrari and then going back down to a broken down bus 😭 Also, if you can get your hands on a water flosser….LIFE.

After I shower I massage Chasin’ Unicorns Whipped Body Butter all over. I mean this one really doesn’t need an explanation. It’s our current #1 best seller, our chemist Ana, is a GENIUS for coming up with this one.

Once I am dry and in my robe I’ll do my skin care routine in bed as a treat to myself for working all day. I’ll use PurplGoat crystal toner and serum on after my Ole Heindrikson Serum and then use my rose quartz facial tools and do a massage and facial scraping routine or twice a monthly I’ll use my Banish Derma Roller or Derma Stamp pen and give myself a deep facial, after then applying the Banish Vitamin C serum, and over the years I have noticed that it really does clear and heal my face and gives it a little plumb – since the whole point of the Derma Roller is to build new collagen and skin tissues to the surface of your face.

Some nights maybe twice a week I will use Dr. Brite Teeth Whitening Pen  and Millennial Teeth Whitening pen to whiten my teeth, both very easy to use and fast drying, although a little annoying you need to keep your mouth open and not touching for a few minutes, but Dr. Brite is a little less harsh on the teeth compare to Crest White Strips and are nice for routine and maintenance.

Once a week I will also use Minimal Dose Skin Care facial mask all over my neck and chest as well and I love the way my skin looks after. I like to do this in the bath so I can leave it on for as long as possible.

My current favorite part of my nightly routine Organi Hair Grow Co scalp massager and hair / scalp serum has been my favorite purchase of the year. Finally giving my hair the love and attention it needs and I have already been seeing a massive difference in the fall out and feel. I use their entire bundle ($100) which comes with pre shampoo hair mask, shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner/ scalp refresh spray and hair oil. Love love love. Using shampoo and conditioner in the past with harsh chemicals has really done damage on my long term hair. I love this company because of their natural and healing ingredients. I also love this company because they sell their products in 3 different categories depending on how fast or well your actual hair absorbs water and product. Before you order anything from them they prompt you to take a “Hair Prosperity” test that involves putting one strand of clean (non shampooed or conditioned) hair and letting it sit in there for 15 minutes. Depending on rather it floats, sinks, or floats int he middle of the glass, will tell you what hair type you are and which products you should buy.

Organic Olivia Mood Juice + Sleep Juice to relax, calm and prepare me for sleep. I put a full dropper into my water. You can barely taste it when you do it this way, but hers don’t taste bad at all. Compared to other tinctures. I am obsessed with her whole entire line. Her website is an amazing place to start if you are trying to get healthy and heal from the inside out.

I also take Herbal Tinctures for my hair health and immune system:

ANGELICA ROOT: Great for digestive support and is allied with this root in its role as an herbal tonic for women’s reproductive health.

Rehmannia Extract: According to practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine, rehmannia (a wild herb also known as Chinese foxglove) can “balance the yin.”

White Peony: Blood deficiency that leads to a sallow complexion, dizziness, and ear ringing can be treated by white peony root along with rehmannia rootangelica root and Sichuan lovage rhizome. White peony root enriches blood, regulates menses, constraints yin, pacifies liver, relieves pain, and arrests sweating.

Chasin’ Unicorns Lavender Oil I like to put this on my feet, since it is apparently supposed to absorb faster, and on my wrist for scent. For my diffuser I have been obsessed with our Hawt Yoga Blend; Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Wintergreen. While I am laying in bed and still on my routine, I love to use Witch I Love Your Hair magic mist all over for my face, body and room/ atmosphere / bed. I love this stuff, its made from magic mountain spring water, crystals and special essential oils and really does feel like magic! It feels so light, refreshing and hydrating – I really can’t leave without this stuff. I have probably gone through 20 bottles already!

Then while I wear my True Dark Twilight blue blocking glasses (save 10% when you use promo code “unicorns at checkout) which make my room look and feel like a night time osasis and prepares my brain for sleep. It’s the coolest bio-hacking ever. I’ll watch a show such as Hell’s Kitchen, Manifest, Total Divas, Youtube, Vikings – I am excited of Game of Thrones to come back! Or shark tank. And then I will use my passion panner and write out my To Do list for the day and a journal entry which is normally some time of affirmation or manifestation of some type. Writing out my to do list for the next day, the night before is EVERYTHING.

Sometimes I will paint my nails using Pacifica’s milky way toxic free polish. My nails have gotten so much longer and stronger since I starting taking care of them and not having to file them down on the top so often. When I am done with that I will turn the TV off, and read a book. This has helped my sleep patterns tremendously and I forgot how much I actually enjoy reading. I am reading two books right now, one is about the german war in France and being in the middle of it all and the other is “Having More With Less’ both sent to me by two amazing souls who responded to my book trade on instagram. I have been enjoying them both. Sometimes I’ll read 8 different books at once alternating between them all until I find a really good one that I just HAVE to finish.

Before I read I will light one of our incense (weekly I will sage or use Palo Santo), and I always light at least 5 candles from A Birds Moon Candle Co. It is such a must and a vibe. I do not not like harsh lights when its dark out. Reading usually makes me fall asleep very fast so I’ll sleep with my eye mask out and turn the candles off and my new dog ‘Happy’ sleeps at the edge of my bed, and in the morning is a freak until I take her out side. Which has been perfect way for me to sun gaze and ground myself outside barefoot before I start my day.

What is your favorite part of your nightly routine? Tell us and TAG them below! XX

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