New Moon Tea Company – Bonus Sangria Recipe

Chasin Unicorns New Moon Tea Co Loose Leaf

You guys when we found New Moon Tea Company, we were so excited.  As a non-coffee drinker, I was particularly thrilled to try out a new natural tea or two.  I drink Iced Tea of Green Tea literally every day for my caffeine boost.  So this is a daily essential for me.  I used to be a regular Tazo Green Tea drinker from Starbucks, right up until they stopped serving it in the stores and switched to one I didn’t like.  So for the past year or so I’ve been buying the pitcher sized Tazo bags and making them at home.  Soooo not as good as the original, but WAY cheaper.  But it’s been time for a switch.

If you aren’t familiar with loose leaf tea, it typically comes in a resealable bag versus a classic tea bag that you know so well.  Loose leaf tea is FAR healthier because it retains much more of the natural nutrients from the ingredients.  Most tea bags have been so processed that they actually do very little for you.  I first became familiar with loose leaf tea when I was introduced to Takeya USA who makes flash chiller pitchers specifically designed for steeping loose tea.  But until this point I have been offending it by using tea bags in it.  But that all changed with New Moon Tea Company!

Chasin Unicorns New Moon Tea Co Loose Leaf
Chasin Unicorns New Moon Tea Co Loose Leaf

They have tons of flavor options, both caffeinated and caffeine-free, and in addition to flavors, they also have a 28 day tea tox.  Naturally we love a good wine, so when we saw the Sangria tea, we knew which one would be the first test!  We brewed up some of the tea, which came out a cute pink color, and went about making ourselves some light and refreshing sangria!  You can re-create it with the recipe below. So good!!

Refreshing Strawberry Raspberry Vodka Sangria

New Moon Tea ‘Sangria’ Mix
Red Wine
Raspberry Vodka
Strawberries and/or Raspberries (or any fruit you want!)
Lots of Ice

1. Steep the Sangria Loos Leaf Tea in 1 Liter of hot water for about 10 minutes, we went a little longer to make it stronger.
2. In the pitcher, add ice and shake it up to cool it quickly.  If you use the Takeya Pitcher, it is made to ‘flash chill’.
3. Add 1 bottle of red wine, and 4 oz. of raspberry vodka (not too much unless you want to be DRUNK!)
4. Cut up and add the fruit of your choice and ice of course.

Garnish and pour into a cute glass, and then ENJOY!!

Chasin Unicorns New Moon Tea Co Loose Leaf
Chasin Unicorns New Moon Tea Co Loose Leaf

We also enjoyed Pool Party (which we used above) featuring black currants and orange flavors, by the pool, duh.  The Beach Day tea also reminded me on a matcha drink I used to drink often, I enjoyed the nostalgic flavor.  And the 28 day Tea Tox to help cleanse your blood and liver.  We are just starting it out, so we will let you know how it goes!!  So far they are all great and we couldn’t be happier with the teas!

You can either do a nice big pitcher by using the full bags, or since they are re-sealable, you can easily do single serve cups.  If I do a single serve of the iced tea, I simply pour my steeped cup over a larger cup full of ice!  Now I need to get one of those adorable tea difussers on Amazon that come in amazing shapes like mini submarines, strawberries, manatees and so much more!!

New Moon Tea Co was founded in 2014 by Christine & Mike at the East end of Fraser Valley in Chilliwack, British Columbia.  They pride themselves on having the freshest organic ingredients, without adding any flavors, color or preservatives. A professional horticulturalist and a passion for herbs, Christine has become a herbalist creating alternative and holistic tea blends that benefit the whole body. They are a company that prides themselves in using only quality ingredients and supplies, while making a s small footprint and using sustainable agricultural practices in their operations.

Chasin Unicorns New Moon Tea Co Loose Leaf

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