Acupuncture Massage Ring


Design for those who have autism, high anxiety levels and so on, help reduce tension, stress, warm and stimulate blood flow in hands.


These acupuncture finger rings are the perfect tool to relieve pressure in your tendons and restore blood circulation in your fingers. By rolling AcuRing back and forth along the fingers and toes, you are stimulating important “acupoints,” the same bio-electrically charged points used in acupuncture to regulate functions throughout the body. Stimulating virtually all functions of the human body and helping to balance out their functions.


Honestly, I love this thing because it does give off a pleasurable sensation and I never considered myself a “frigidity” type of person, but sometimes I do tent to pick at things unnecessarily… so anytime I found myself doing that I would just put on this ring instead. Based on traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture techniques, suitable for children over 3 years old and adults, for those who have autism, high anxiety levels and so on, to help them reduce stress, warm and stimulate blood flow in hands.


  • Material: made of stainless steel. Elastic size will fit most.



  • Roll the ring up and down your fingers 20 – 40 times.
  • Continue to cycle through all fingers until both hands are completed.
  • Fingers will feel warm and tingly as circulation increases.



  • Apply some oil to your fingers before your massage, you will almost instantly feel a deep soothing effect.
  • Great recovery method for your fingers after a good climbing / training session, for warming-up cold fingers and also in case of injury (it can be used as often as required for healing).



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