Andradite Garnet


Meditate daily with with one-of-a-kind Garnet and discover its divine energy that leads to a higher expression of love.  Allow the deep shades of red radiate through the space, making it hard to look away once noticed.

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This one-of-a-kind Garnet weighs 616 grams. It’s beautiful in person! Hard to really capture the essence of its shape, structure, and deep redness that it radiates when admired. When we saw this while crystal shopping we KNEW that we had to get it. There really is NO other Garnet like this one!

A stone that symbolizes physical love and the relationship between loving partners, the Garnet was a popular ornamental adornment among royalty and aristocrats. And all the animals of Noah’s Ark can thank a large Garnet stone for providing the only light on their biblical journey and guiding them safely to land. Featured in a range of colors from the red color ray, a deeply vibrant and powerful vibration, each stone possesses a special beauty with shades ranging from ruby red and dark brown to pink and orange.

The Garnet crystal meaning is rooted in ancient history and comes from the Latin word ‘granatum’, which means pomegranate, a reference to its intense red color that resembles the glistening, deep red seeds of the fruit. The Garnet crystal was also cherished by early medieval jewelers who incorporated the stone into everything from rings and brooches to buckles and necklaces. Even then, it was more than just a fashion statement but was thought of as a protective talisman against negative energy. Possessing a special beauty all their own, the Garnet crystal stone meaning is linked with the heart chakra, making this deep red gemstone a dark and intense contrast to your other love-attracting stones like Jade and Rose Quartz.

A stone that balances the Chi energy of the body, heart and soul. 

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Weight 616 g


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